Is it possible to befriend your crush?

He just wants friendship: 10 signs of the damned friendzone

You have known each other for many years. You've been friends since school and you kind of grew up together. He is one of the few people who understand you.

You can trust him. You know almost everything about each other. You are never bored with him.

You laughed and cried together. He was there for you in both the good and bad moments of your life, comforting you.

When your ex boyfriend left you he was there for you while you gave him advice on how to conquer the girl he has long liked.

Over the years you've been like brother and sister and you never thought that love could come out of that.

Some people have always told you that there are no friendships between men and women and that one of them always falls in love.

You thought they had no idea what they were talking about, that he was like a brother to you, and that you would never see yourselves as anything other than pals.

Until one day you realized that you were wasting your time looking for a partner with the wrong men.

You have noticed that all these years you have had a great man by your side who suits you.

What you said will never happen happened - you fell in love with your best friend.

Suddenly everything that previously seemed so common to you became perfect.

His eyes have become a small universe that you would like to disappear into.

His smile triggers your weak knees and the butterflies in your stomach.

Damn it! How could that happen?

But the worst thing is not that you feel more for your friend, but the bitter realization: He just wants friendship.

You are now at a crossroads: Should I tell him how I feel and risk the possibility of endangering our friendship? or should I keep it to myself and fight my feelings in silence?

Maybe it's just a temporary phase?

Sometimes things happen to us in life that we are actually afraid of and that we try to avoid, but feelings cannot be controlled.

In many situations we know that something shouldn't be, that it is wrong and that we have to stop, but our heart tells us a very different story.

What should i do? Should you listen to your heart instead of your mind, or be realistic?

How can you know if it's worth taking the first step and trying to get more than friendship?

Are there any signs of whether it is worth revealing the feelings?

Would it be better to leave things as they are or risk missing out on the chance to have the best relationship of your life?

What a mess!

Don't worry, you just got to the right place. Here you will find signs that unfortunately he just wants friendship, what you can do in the whole situation and whether it is possible to be friends with someone you are in love with?

Let's find a solution together!

He just wants friendship: signs that speak for it

Whether it's a longtime best friend, a coworker you've been fond of for a long time, or someone you met recently and just wants a friendship with you, the feeling is terrible to say the least.

Unfulfilled love hurts a lot and we find it difficult to deal with it.

Sometimes we don't want to admit that we are only seen as good friends and we secretly hope that one day he will stand in front of our door with a bouquet of roses and tell us: Well, I've always loved you.

What is it really about?

Why is it more interesting for us to run after someone who doesn't want to be with us and fall into lovesickness instead of accepting that sometimes it just doesn't work out and move on with our lives?

Why are men more attractive to us who don't even notice us while we ignore those who would bring the stars down for us?

Are we masochists by nature, so do we like this pain? Oh, love ... who would understand?

Anyway, below are some of the behaviors that most men display when they see just one friend in a woman.

These signs will open your eyes and, unfortunately, show you what you don't want to perceive: He just wants friendship.

1. He doesn't flirt with you

A man who likes a woman and wants to be with that woman will do his best to conquer her.

He will let her know that he sees her as a potential partner and he will compliment her all the time, flirt with her, and do everything men do to seduce a woman.

If your crush speaks to you the way they speak to their male friends - I'm sorry to have to tell you that you're unfortunately just a friend to them.

2. He is not looking for closeness

When we like someone, we subconsciously look for an opportunity to be as close to that person as possible.

Whenever we're in a round, we try to sit as close to that person as possible.

When we talk to her, we are as close as possible to her and we are always looking for a way of touching her.

A gentle touch of the shoulder, arm and a deep look into the eyes with an accompanying smile are obvious signs that the person likes you.

If this is the case in your case, then unfortunately he only sees you as a friend.

3. You are never alone with each other

When we like someone, we want to spend as much time as possible with that person to get to know them better, get closer to them, and maybe even exchange caresses.

However, if in most cases you go out for lunch, outings and parties in the company of others and he has never invited you to go out on your own, then I have to disappoint you, he looks at you like all the other friends in your circle of friends.

4. There is no crackling

We are biologically attracted to someone we like and then our hormones go crazy.

This crackle can be felt in the air and it becomes obvious that something exists between the two people.

If, however, there is no crackling between you, even when you are alone, your relationship is unfortunately like a sibling relationship.

5. You only meet in public places

While he sometimes suggests that just the two of you go somewhere or do something, most of the time these are public places like a mall, movie theater, theater, concerts, and the like.

If he likes you and feels more for you, he would choose places where you could enjoy your togetherness: like a romantic evening stroll, a restaurant or cooking in his apartment and the like.

Unfortunately, you're nothing more than good friends.

6. You always take the initiative

Remember the last time you did something together ... who suggested doing something together first?

If it was you then it is a very bad sign.

Because if he wanted something more from you, he would take the initiative and find time to do something with you.

You can try to withdraw a bit and not make plans together.

If nothing changes on his part, I have bad news for you: he just wants friendship.

7. You text each other all the time

Your communication mostly takes place in social networks, via WhatsApp messages and the like?

That sounds good in principle, but it can also be a bad sign.

When we like someone, we like to exchange messages and talk to them on the phone, but we will also take every opportunity to see them because we want to be as close to them as possible.

If this is not the case for you, you have unfortunately ended up in the friend zone. Read herewhat messages men send when they are in love.

8. He just calls you 'a friend'

If you're not sure how he sees you, try creating a situation where he has to introduce you to someone to see what he'll say and how he'll describe you.

If you find yourself in a situation where he introduces you to someone, especially a woman, and he calls you “a friend”, then I don't have to say more here. : /

9. He tells you about other women

This can be really painful. Listening to the person you are in love with speaking enthusiastically and lovingly about other people.

If you've ever found yourself in a situation like this where you had to hear stories from his ex for hours, it means that he hasn't gotten over it yet and that you are nothing more than a good friend to him who will comfort him.

Or even worse: When he shows you pictures of the woman on Instagram that he likes and wants to invite you on a first date and asks you for advice ... Ouch!

This is what the friendship zone looks like.

10. He meets other women

He not only tells you about them, but also meets other women. After all, this is one of the most obvious signs that he doesn't see you as a potential partner.

If he dates other women, openly flirts with others in front of you and the like, then only one thing comes out of it: He just wants friendship with you.

He just wants friendship: what should I do?

The more of these signs you can recognize in his behavior, the clearer it is: You are in the friend zone.

Now the question is what to do.

First of all, you need to think carefully about your feelings. Do you think it's just a passing phase of crushing or have you felt something for him for a long time?

It also matters whether it's a long-time friend who plays an important role in your life or someone you have just met.

Because if it's just a passing fall in love, it might not be worth risking the friendship and eventually losing one of your best friends.

The other thing is, does he even know how you are feeling?

We women sometimes imagine in our heads that men should read our minds and recognize our signs.

The truth, however, is that most men don't even notice the signs of flirting or seduction.

It must be said clearly to some men: I like you or I'm in love with you so that they finally understand.

My advice is to tell him how you are feeling. Maybe he never saw you as a potential partner because you showed him at the beginning that you were just friends.

In any case, the fastest way to find out the truth and make a decision about how to proceed is to have an open and honest conversation with him.

Of course, there is the possibility of risking everything and losing a good friend, but on the other hand, you may miss the opportunity to be in a happy relationship with your dream man.

Find out more abouthow to confess your love.

The third thing you should know is that sometimes the reasons a man doesn't want a relationship is due to attachment anxiety or concern about his own life.

It can also be that he just wants a friendship plus.

In this case, there is still a chance that you will conquer him anyway. Read more about it here:He doesn't want a relationship & How do i get it?

But if he is openly telling you that he just wants friendship, then there is no point in fighting for someone who doesn't want to be part of your life.

Love cannot be forced, and you cannot force a man to fall in love with you.

Read herethe reasons why you should never chase a guy even if you really want to.

In this case, it is better to cut off contact, or at least keep it to a minimum, as it will be difficult for you to be friends with someone you are in love with.

It will also be uncomfortable for him and your love pain will only deepen and in the end your friendship will crumble.

No matter how much lovesickness hurts, it will pass. Nothing is forever. And even if you lose a friend, at least you will know where you are.

You will be able to close this chapter of your life and no longer torment yourself with the hope that if it doesn't, something will change.

Read to the end: Unhappily in love:Infallible tips for learning to let go. 

Good luck.