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Licenses from Microsoft

1. Microsoft Austrian College and High School Agreement

As part of the BMB's “School 4.0” digitization strategy, the permanent improvement of the IT infrastructure in schools is a major focus. Since June 2003 there has been a general license for the use of software products from Microsoft for secondary schools and universities of teacher education. This agreement was extended in July 2017 for a further 3 years until May 31, 2020.

Information: Austrian College and High School Agreements (MS ACH).

2. Licenses for schools that are not included in the MS-ACH Agreement

Schools that are not covered by the MS-ACH Agreement can obtain school licenses from over 200 Austrian authorized dealers as part of the Microsoft Authorized Education Partner (AEP) program. With the AEP program, Microsoft would like to provide even better support for compulsory schools with a wide variety of school owners.

Depending on the size and software requirements of a school, there are three license models that are specially designed for compulsory schooling:

Open license for research & teaching: This license model is for schools that want to buy licenses in small quantities and want a volume discount compared to the individual packages. The entry level is 5 licenses.

Entry for Education Solutions (Open Value Subscription / Enrollment for Education Solutions): This rental model offers a simplification by counting employees instead of PCs / devices. It is also very flexible because additional products can be added in any amount that is needed. As an institution, you can optionally acquire licenses for schoolchildren and students under this program. Work-at-home rights for all teachers and Office 365 ProPlus Benefit are also included here.

The Microsoft Authorized Education Partners (AEP) are available for individual advice.

3. Licenses for teachers and students

Since December 1, 2013, Microsoft has offered institutions that have licensed Office Professional organization-wide with an EES Enrollment or Open Value Subscription Education Enrollment the opportunity to receive the Office 365 ProPlus Benefit. This applies to the ministry's current contract, which has now been extended to May 31, 2020. Office 365 ProPlus is available to students as a subscription service via Office 365 ProPlus Benefit. Educational institutions entitled to receive MS-ACH have the opportunity to obtain Office 365 Pro Plus licenses for their students and teachers free of charge via the MS-ACH Agreement.

The student option or the possibility of obtaining licenses for pupils as an educational institution under an EES will continue to exist.

The following offers are currently available to schoolchildren and students:

Office single packages

Microsoft Office Products

Student licenses through the institution

If your institution licenses Office or Windows Upgrade via an EES Enrollment or Open Value Subscription Education Enrollment for all employees (FTE), it can make these products available to students free of charge via the Office 365 ProPlus Benefit and Windows 10 Student Benefit put.

For questions and price information, please contact the Authorized Education Partner (AEP).

4. Development software for students

As part of the Microsoft Imagine program, students can obtain Microsoft developer tools free of charge.

The Microsoft Imagine program gives you the opportunity to create software, web applications, attractive and creative designs and games.

Microsoft Imagine
Microsoft Imagine: Catalog of Software and Services

5. Free cloud services for schools

Office 365 for educational institutions is particularly suitable for schools that use the advantages of the cloud and at the same time want to save costs for the administration and management of a local server infrastructure.
Office 365 offers free functions for e-mail, unlimited online storage, video conferencing, as well as viewing and collaborating on documents.

6. Data protection in cloud services for schools

If the school does not operate its own e-mail server, e-mail addresses can be set up in MS Office 365 for people belonging to the school. In this regard, Art. 28 GDPR provides for the conclusion of an order processing agreement for the operators of such mail servers.

Since such a data processing agreement exists between Microsoft and the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, mail addresses in MS Office 365 are permitted from the point of view of data protection when using suitable, encrypted mail transmission protocols (e.g. TLS). In principle, however, personal data are only ever to be saved in the specialist application intended for this purpose (Socrates in the federal government, learning platforms, web Untis, ISO / Ideal (web), Portal Austria, PH-Online, etc.).

The services of MS Office 365 for schoolchildren can also be used in lessons. The more detailed data protection framework conditions are described in the section: "Data protection in schools - legal basis and purposes of data processing in Austrian schools (Art. 6 GDPR)".

For further questions regarding the licensing of Microsoft products, please contact your trading partner (AEP) or find out more at: Microsoft Education