What is the income on YouTube

YouTube stars: The annual salary of the 10 most successful German YouTubers

The Hamburg communications agency Faktenkontor has calculated how much YouTube distributed to the most successful German channels in 2017. The result shows which topics are particularly well received on the platform.

The 2017 salary of the German YouTube Top 10

Factenkontor did not have any insight into the real tax returns, but was able to estimate the earnings based on the video views and the researched CPM, which was paid as part of the partner program. The amount also took into account the ad blocker rate, which hides preroll ads.

Gossip, beauty, gaming and entertainment dominate the ranking. The star magazine Promiflash claimed by far the most of YouTube's advertising pot. The platform flushed almost a million euros into the coffers of Berlin's Celebrity News AG. The channel has existed on YouTube since 2010 and has so far generated over 1.4 billion views.

Name of the channel with estimated earnings for 2017

  1. Promiflash - € 916,087.88
  2. BibisBeautyPalace - € 513,534.35
  3. Palutes - € 492,773.71
  4. MySpassde - € 491,239.14
  5. The Voice Kids - € 423,086.13
  6. Entertainment Access - € 422,504.10
  7. Rammstein Official - € 409,763.60
  8. GermanLetsPlay - € 368,426.59
  9. Gronkh - € 358,601.01
  10. ConCrafter | LUCA - € 348,319.43

With Paluten and Bibi, two YouTubers are actually on the podium. Patrick Mayer is dedicated to Minecraft and Bianca Heinicke mainly focuses on beauty. But the classic media business is also spreading on YouTube. The next few ranks include a Brainpool production (TV Total) with MySpassde and a ProSiebenSat.1 project with The Voice Kids. The big media groups are successfully marketing their elaborately produced TV content again on YouTube. Other channels are of course prohibited from using such recordings. It’s easier for the TV giants.

Get rich quick with YouTube? Unlikely.

The information from the ranking is limited to the advertising income from the YouTube partner program. If you include the earnings from other advertising contracts, the tide will certainly turn quickly. Bibi earns significantly more from her influencer marketing campaigns or her own beauty collections. The almost million from Promiflash is no longer enough for first place.

Nevertheless, the list shows very nicely what fee YouTube pays the content creators in this country. The top 10 together come to 4.7 million euros. That sounds like a large sum - but very few get rich with their channel.

Only 416 German channels break the 10,000 euro limit annually. Over 100,000 only generate 79 of the 2,800 channels that Faktenkontor monitors. It's important to remember how much production goes into the professional videos that subscribers ultimately get to see. There are usually many creative minds behind this who also want something from the cake. Just get rich looks different.

In the US, on the other hand, there is significantly more money in the YouTube industry. The gamer Daniel Middleton alias DanTDM, according to Forbes, earned a proud 16.5 million dollars last year, or 13.25 million euros. The six-year-old boy Ryan appears in the Forbes ranking with $ 11 million. The US YouTuber Top 10 earned a combined total of about 127 million US dollars in 2017. Even if other sources of income were included here, these are quite different dimensions than in Germany.

Anton Priebe was active at OnlineMarketing.de from 2013 to 2019. As editor-in-chief, the studied German studies and sociologist focused on technology, creative marketing strategies, conversion optimization and SEO.