How do I turn on the Kindle

Switching off the Kindle: All variants and tricks if it doesn't work

The Kindle is Amazon's e-book reader, and as beautiful and practical as it is, there are of course malfunctions and error messages during operation. The device has several modes of operation and to turn it off, you normally hold down the on / off button for seven seconds. However, it is possible that the Kindle cannot be switched off, in which case it is best to take the measures described here.

Turn off Kindle: These options are available

  • If the Kindle is inactive for some time, it automatically switches to sleep mode and a static screen saver appears that does not consume any power. To start up again, briefly press the power button or the on / off switch. This is located on the lower side of the device, where the USB port is also located. Briefly pressing this switch during operation puts the Kindle into sleep mode.
  • If you want to turn off the Kindle completely, hold down the power button for seven seconds until the screen goes blank. The device is then completely switched off and no longer uses any electricity.

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Turn off Kindle even if the device is not responding

It can happen that the screen of the device is frozen and the Kindle no longer responds to you. This can have different causes and depending on their severity, there are different solution options:

  1. Often it is enough to carry out a simple reset. To restart the Kindle, hold the power button down for 20 to 30 seconds. After you let go, you should be shown a Kindle reboot screen. Allow enough time for the device to start up and not operate any buttons for a few minutes. It can happen that the Kindle crashes when restarting, then the screen does not change. In this case you should connect the Kindle to the circuit, let it charge for about 30-40 minutes and then repeat the procedure.
  2. With the Kindle of the first and second generation, you have the option of hard resetting the battery. Since you have to open the rear cover to do this, however, you will lose the guarantee. If you carefully peel off the cover (e.g. with a nail file), you will see a large white rectangle, this is the battery and below this there is a small hole. There you insert a wire, such as a straightened paper clip, as far as it will go and apply light pressure for five to ten seconds. Then you carry out the procedure for the reset again. If it doesn't work, you can try performing the hard reset again, briefly removing the battery completely before pressing the reset button.

In summary: Actually, the reset should be enough to fix the problem. If that doesn't work, it's probably because the battery has less than 40% capacity. Then briefly charge the device and try again. If this doesn't help, it may be a hardware problem that only the Amazon service can solve - so before you remove the cover and the battery, you should first check and exploit any warranty claims.

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