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There are two kinds of people in the world: people who like soft egg yolks and people who can't stand it. While we can somehow understand the second group, we ourselves love soft egg yolks. For this reason, we tried different techniques to prepare the perfect fried egg. If you belong to the “Soft Egg Yolk” team, like me, then we have a good tip for you today!

It's no secret that preparing the perfect fried ice cream takes some special skills. A steady hand and a lot of patience are certainly required. Although we often make a fried egg, only half of it is really good.

The first hurdle is the intact egg yolk. When that is done, the next hurdle comes straight away: making sure that both the yolk and the egg white get the perfect structure. It is seldom possible for the egg white to be well fried, but the yolk to remain nice and liquid.

To avoid disappointment after disappointment, you have to get a little creative!

The solution is: disconnect!

We are aware that this new technique for preparing the perfect fried ice cream seems a bit cumbersome at first, but once you've tried it, you'll never do it any other way.

First you need some small bowls. Two bowls per egg, to be precise. Then you separate the egg white and the yolk into the bowls. It is best to use a small, deep bowl and a slightly larger, shallower bowl. The small, deep bowl ensures that the egg yolk keeps its shape and does not leak.

After separating the eggs, heat the pan. It is important that you melt enough butter in the pan. If you forget that, the egg is sure to go wrong.

As soon as the pan is nice and hot, add the egg white to the pan first. Fry the egg whites over a low heat until almost done.

The key word here is 'almost'. If you wait too long, the egg whites will be too smooth and the yolks will no longer adhere well to them. You should therefore not lose sight of the protein. When the time comes, carefully place the egg yolk in the middle of the egg white. Then continue frying the egg for a while until it has the stiffness you want. You already have your perfect fried egg!

To take another look at the technology and study it really well, the best thing to do is to watch the following video. Once you've got it, you'll never want to fry your fried egg any other way.


Are you crazy about eggs too? Then let's hear how you like this technique. Have you even tried that before? And if so, how did you like the result? What's your favorite way to prepare eggs? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to share the article on Facebook and Pinterest.