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Pairing bluetooth headphones to iPhone fails - here is what you can do

Wonderful: Being outside and enjoying music wirelessly via the iPhone and Bluetooth headphones. But when you are about to leave, the listener remains silent. Bluetooth has to be compatible with many devices, which is why a connection can fail in individual cases. We show different ways in which it can radio again between the devices.

Way 1: Unpair devices and reconnect

Before you test the following methods, you can try out the general functionality of the headphones in advance. This is the case if the coupling and operation with another device works. Then move on to the iPhone.

A failed connection means that you have already tried to pair your smartphone and headphones. Then it may be enough that Delete pairing and to rebuild:

  1. Open the Settings on the iPhone and select the Bluetooth menu out.
  2. You can see all coupled devices in the overview. For the headphones in question, tap the on the right Information symbol (“I” in a circle).
  3. Now choose from the options displayed Ignore this device. With this command, the smartphone deletes all information from the Bluetooth device, thereby canceling the pairing.

Now try to re-establish the pairing. Make sure that the devices are close together, as Bluetooth does not have a long range. The operating system of the iPhone should also be up to date be.

  1. Make sure that the headphones have enough energy (fully charged rechargeable battery, full batteries or connection to the power supply with the charger).
  2. Switch on the headphones and select on the iPhone Settings> Bluetooth.
  3. If Bluetooth is not yet active, tap on the right Slider icon and turn it green to activate the function.
  4. Now press the connection button on the headphones for a few seconds so that the iPhone recognizes and saves the device. Test whether the coupling has now worked. Then music should be heard.
When the slide switch is set to green, Bluetooth is active. The circle next to “Devices” indicates the search for a pairable device.

Bluetooth: The standard for short-range radio

Since its development in 1990, the short-range radio technology Bluetooth has developed into the leading technology, especially when it comes to connecting smartphones and tablets with wireless accessories. Many devices such as the iPhone 6 and 7 support version 4.2, which has been in existence since December 2014.

The upcoming version Bluetooth 5.0 should bring some improvements. This includes a four times greater range than the previous version, twice the transmission speed and eight times greater data transmission capacity. Another innovation is the connection of two devices at the same time.

Way 2: reset network settings

If the connection still does not work, the following step can be used to try to solve the problem by resetting the network settings. The iPhone then deletes your individual Bluetooth and network settings (e.g. WLAN settings, passwords, VPN settings) and restores the delivery status for these areas.

  1. Open the Settingsand go on General.
  2. At the end of the list you will find the point Reset. Tap it.
  3. In the next window choose Reset network settings and confirm the selection.

Your own attitudes must then set up again become. For Bluetooth, proceed as described in path 1. For the WiFi, follow these steps:

  1. Settings> WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS> Activate WLAN (Slide switch turn right to green).
  2. The iPhone will now search for existing networks. Tap the one you want to connect to.
  3. If the network is secure, enter the relevant password and confirm your entry.
Resetting network settings can resolve connection problems with Bluetooth accessories.

Way 3: reset all settings

If resetting the network settings was also unsuccessful, resetting all settings can be a means. This means that all system settings (for example, for location or the network) return to their original state, but no files or apps are deleted. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Settings> General> Reset
  2. Select the point there Reset all settings and then enter your iPhone's code.
  3. Confirm the entry, restart the device and follow the steps to set up again.
“Reset all settings” deletes all individual settings.

Way 4: disconnect iCloud

By default, iPhones have an online connection to the iCloud, which stores various of your data. This connection can also be the cause of a faulty coupling. So sometimes yours helps Separation and re-establishment:

  1. Settings> iCloud choose.
  2. At the end of the options list, select the function Sign outto disconnect the smartphone and iCloud. The saved data is retained in the online memory, but is deleted from the end device.
  3. Now restart the phone and try to pair it. If it works, put in Settings> iCloud> Sign inreconnect.

Way 5: restore iPhone as a new device

Probably the most radical way to solve the connection problem is to restore the iPhone as a new device.

Important: create a data backup before restoring! Otherwise you could lose important data and have to set up the entire device again by hand.

  1. Start your PC or Mac and open the "iTunes" program.
  2. Connect the iPhone to the computer with a USB cable.
  3. The mobile phone then appears in “iTunes” in the top left corner of the overview column. Click there Overview.
  4. Select on the right side of the window Backupsa backup option and create a backup.
  5. After the successful backup, click in “iTunes” on the right in the overview for your iPhone on the field Restore iPhone and follow the respective steps to restore.

Problem solving is often "a matter of attitude"

It can happen that pairing of Bluetooth headphones with an iPhone fails. As a rule, however, it is not hardware damage, but rather a Adjustment or communication error that can be corrected relatively easily leaves. We have shown you several ways in which you can solve the problem by re-pairing, resetting network and other settings, disconnecting and reconnecting to iCloud, or restoring the smartphone as a new device.

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