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Marvel fans freak out: is Chris Evans returning to the MCU as Captain America?


A return of Chris Evans as Captain America in the Marvel Universe could be within our grasp! Netzwelt has everything about the rumors and Evans' statement.

  • Perhaps a sensation awaits us in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Superstar Chris Evans could return as Captain America one more time.
  • Evans himself, on the other hand, pretends not to know anything. A stupid?

2019's Avengers: Endgame was supposed to mark Chris Evans' departure as Captain America. Symbolically, he handed his Vibranium shield to Anthony Mackie's Falcon and, it seemed, took his MCU hat. But now the reliable US industry magazine Deadline reports: Chris Evans will return soon as Captain America! Which of the numerous upcoming Marvel films or series on Disney + has not yet been determined.

So Chris Evans will come back as "Cap"

So far it has been reported that Chris Evans is slated to return for 1-2 Marvel projects. It has not yet been confirmed whether a corresponding contract has already been signed. What is certain, however, is that Chris Evans will not appear in another "Captain America" ​​solo film.

Instead, Marvel Studios will be based on the example of Robert Downey Jr., who after "Iron Man 3" from 2013 was either in the "Avengers" team-ups or in "Spider-Man: Homecoming" "Spidey" mentor Tom Holland from 2017.

But Marvel and MCU fans will also want to continue to experience Chris Evans as Captain America as a supporting character. The upcoming "Doctor Strange 2: In the Multiverse of Madness" would be particularly suitable for a return here, after all, Strange could encounter different variations of Steve Rogers on his journey through the Multiverse.

Chris Evans himself has denied the rumors so far. He claims on Twitter that he first heard of Cap's possible return through the Deadline article.

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Time to put the rumors straight back to the files? Not quite! Denials are not worth much lately, after all Tatiana Maslany and Mads Mikkelsen knew "nothing" until they were officially announced as "She-Hulk" or Johnny Depp's Grindelwald successor.

It's just hard to keep surprises a secret these days, and "no comment" statements from cast members are directly interpreted as indirect confirmation, which is why lying is often the last chance to keep a secret here. At the latest when you see Chris Evans on a Marvel set, we know more.

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