How does a construction crane work


The construction of tall buildings is hardly possible without tower cranes.

A crane is a device that can be used to lift and move loads in order to set them down elsewhere. If there are several, one says cranes or cranes. The loads are usually only moved over short distances. In order to lift the loads, cranes usually have a winch. You move sideways by slewing the crane or driving in one direction.

Cranes can be operated by motors or by hand. The crane was invented by the ancient Greeks. That was over 500 years before the birth of Christ. At that time, of course, these cranes could only be operated with muscle power.

Cranes are needed to load or unload ships, trains or trucks. Cranes are also used on construction sites, in factories or in warehouses.

There are different designs of cranes. On construction sites you can usually see large fixed tower cranes. Bridge cranes are used to load containers in the port. Some trucks have their own loading cranes attached to the vehicle with which they can be loaded. If you only need a large crane for a short time, a truck crane is perhaps the best option.

  • Trucks with their own loading crane

  • A truck crane can be deployed in different places quite quickly.

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