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Laser engraving

We deliver to all countries within the European Union. With our engraving machine we can do a different keyboard layout to offer. Thanks to this machine, we can now deliver the laptop with your desired keyboard layout to order.

Your own logo on the laptop case is now also possible. If you wish, we can also implement your own logo when you start the computer.

3 year guarantee

Where most laptop manufacturers only give a two year warranty, NovaCustom offers one 3 year guarantee. Thanks to individual quality tests for every order, you can rely on a well-functioning system.

We also guarantee a fast warranty processing, within 5 working days. In the rare event of a defect, you don't have to wait long for the repair to be completed!

European Union

We offer to all EU citizens the same service and the same prices. In addition, we do not charge shipping costs within the EU and we use a reliable parcel service with a strong network across Europe: UPS.

Although we are based in the Netherlands, we focus on the whole of the European Union. That is why we also offer our service in Dutch, German and French.

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