How do I achieve M3

Thermal insulation mortar

Optimization from the laboratory to the practice

Would you like to optimize your thermal insulation mortar in the bulk density range ≥ 100kg / m3 without having to resort to the finest possible hydraulic binders?

The starting point

If the reduction in density is to fall below a certain threshold value, an increased cement Blain value> 6,500 is no longer sufficient to demonstrably improve the foam quality in terms of concrete technology. From an economic point of view in particular, it is difficult to be able to ensure such a specification at all with regard to a continuously secured Blain value.

Our expertise

The Knopp Engineering team has many years of practice-oriented experience and expertise in the elimination of collapse triggers. As a result, we can now provide you with our in-depth know-how in this highly complex area and offer you perfect solutions for optimizing your thermal insulation mortar.

Our solution for your products

We develop cement-free special functional additives for your basic product that are tailored to your requirements and accompany you from the laboratory to industrial practice. We always keep the profitability of your thermal insulation mortar in focus throughout the entire duration of the project.

We are the ideal partner for you if you want to break new technological ground in this highly complex area, because, depending on the composition of your basic recipe, special geopolymer functional additives can also be used.

Simply contact us without obligation, we will be happy to advise you.