What are the neurological subspecialties

Events and training courses at the neurocenters

datethemeSpeakertimeRegistration / information21.01.2021Mr. K. comes to the practice with an acute weakness in his right arm and a speech disorderPract. med. Bettina Anders13.00 Р13.4525.03.2021Ms. P. sleeps even worse with sedatives than before. Insomnias often have different causes.Prof. Dr. med. Arto Nirkko13.00 Р13.4520.05.2021Ms. Z. sleeps poorly, is forgetful and moves slowly.Prof. Dr. med. Carsten M̦ller13.00 Р13.45Registration24.06.2021Mr. S.'s fingers tingle and arm hurts.Dr. med. Konrad Scheglmann13.00 Р13.45details following26.08.2021Ms. M. becomes increasingly forgetful in old age: how long can she drive a car?Dr. med. (CZ) Filip Barinka, PhD13.00 Р13.45details following28.10.202122-year-old Ms. F. has been complaining about double vision since the day before yesterday.Dr. med. Adriana Strakova13.00 Р13.45details following25.11.2021"Then I'll just be gone" - seizures day and nightDr. med. Silke Biethahn, Prof. Dr. med. Khatami Ramin, Dr. med. Janina Tepperberg13.00 Р13.45details following