What are good examples of product websites

5 examples of better product pages

Asserting yourself in ecommerce these days is not easy. The competition is fierce, fortunately for the customers! Because their demands are becoming more and more important and the choice for customers is huge. For this reason, it is extremely important that the product pages of online shops convince the customers. The product pages don't just have to provide information about the product, they have to sell the product!

5 tricks for better product pages in your online shop
I recently mentioned that the Prestashop team has become very active in Germany as well. The shop software manufacturer's blog is now regularly populated with exciting articles and sometimes offers really interesting articles. So also this contribution to better product pages.

But we come straight to doing the mentioned tips or tricks for your product pages. Obviously, it is important to ensure that as much information as possible about the respective product is offered. Link to brochures, manuals, instructions and, if available, refer to videos in which the product is presented.

The product description should be on hand, make sure that the product description makes sense and that the customer does not find any ticked off, poorly formatted or inadequate texts. Such things do not create trust, they create a feeling of insecurity. Use the product pages as your sales platform and advertise the product!

More tips for better product pages

publish customer opinions to give your products the credibility they need
indicate if the product is available to avoid frustration
use clearly visible buttons with effective names
pay attention to a good loading speed,
use high-quality photos that present the product from different angles
use product videos
create detailed product descriptions

Use an SSL certificate and point it out to your visitors and customers. Make sure that your contact details are clearly recognizable and can be found quickly. Trust logos such as the Protected Shop or Trusted Shops seal are also useful. In addition, customer reviews, shipping costs, available payment methods and information on returns or exchanges are also important and certainly interesting for your potential customers.

You can find examples based on various "Live Shops" as well as more detailed explanations in the Prestashop blog or under the following link.