Where was Adam after he was created

Adam and Eve

God after the creation of Adam
The snake wanted to seduce Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.

The story of Adam and Eve is the second great story in the Old Testament. It follows the story of the creation of the earth. Adam and Eve lived in Paradise first. But because they then did not obey God, he banished them from there. They had children, from whom all people today descend.

The story of Adam and Eve, like the stories of Noah and Abraham, belongs to the faith of the Jews, Christians and Muslims. Some Muslims even believe that the remains of Adam are in a certain tomb and go there for prayer.

Paradise is part of the story of Adam and Eve. This expression is still used today to describe something very beautiful. Sometimes you say: "It was heavenly" or "It is like paradise". Instead of asking: “Do we have to start all over again?” One sometimes says: “Are we starting with Adam and Eve again?”

How did Adam and Eve come about?

God created Eve out of Adam's body. Most of the time, both are shown naked, as the story tells in the Bible.

As the Bible says at the very beginning, God first made heaven and earth with land and water. Then he created the plants and all animals.

The human was then the highlight. He is often called "the crown of creation". The following chapter tells how God made man. There it is said that God formed Adam out of earth or clay. Then he breathed his breath into him and the clay became the living Adam. "Adam" is a Hebrew word and translated means "man".

Then God found that it was not good for Adam to live alone. So he put him into a deep sleep and took out a rib. From this he created Eve. Adam was very happy. The two lived naked and were not ashamed of each other. It was warm enough too.

Many Jews and Christians today believe that the creation story really happened that way. Most scientists, however, consider the theory of evolution to be correct. What is certain is that the biblical account wants to express that God willed people and that they are very important to him.

What did Adam and Eve experience?

God sent Adam and Eve out of Paradise.

Adam and Eve enjoyed their life in paradise. But they also had a task: they were supposed to get to know all the animals and give them a name. They did. Every evening God came to Paradise and talked to Adam and Eve.

There was, however, a tree with special fruits. Those who ate from them knew the difference between good and bad. That would have been completely new to Adam and Eve, because they only knew the good. God had forbidden them to try the fruit. But then the devil came. He looked like a snake. He seduced Eve to eat such a fruit. She passed the fruit on to Adam. The Bible doesn't mention what kind of fruit it was. Artists mostly imagined an apple.

After eating the forbidden fruit, the two immediately realized that they had made a mistake. They were ashamed and put clothes on their hips. When God came that evening, they went into hiding.

But God found them. He confronted her and sent her out of Paradise. At the entrance he placed an angel as a guard. Since then, life has not been like paradise: people have to work hard to survive. The Bible also states that women are in pain at birth because they disobeyed God. The snake, on the other hand, must always crawl as punishment.

  • This ancient statue may depict the goddess Lilith from the Sumerians. She could have been the model for the snake.

  • 500 years ago: The picture shows how Adam works as a farmer and Eve takes care of the children.