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Knit stoles and shawls

So, dear Webaer, I didn't really have any problems with shortened rows, at least not until today ;-)

I mean, I have printed out the instructions that are available free of charge in German on the Internet: Revontuli-Tuch, AnneM. The first thing that irritates me is that the 'empty' boxes do not appear in the explanation of symbols, but well, I've been knitting for a few years and have interpreted them as knit stitches. So I get to row 12 (DON'T LAUGH!) And that's it. In row 14 the lace pattern comes for the first time, and somehow I am missing stitches ... Maybe I should try a yarn that is easier to count than the one I have used now (Schachenmayer SMC Favorito - would like to sock yarn I don't use this time).

And can you explain how to make 'left or right' increases? I've heard of 'pronounced decreases', but increases in one direction? In another forum I read that someone just knitted the increases out of the cross thread, and I think you can do that too, right?

You don't want to think that after around 40 years of knitting experience (I learned it from my grandmother before elementary school) I can't get through such instructions. Stubborn knitting doesn't help, maybe I've forgotten a number?

Last year I was in Osnabrück (as a birthday present) at the "Nadel und Faden" trade fair. My girlfriend, who went there with me, and I have decided: this year it can be a little 'bigger' and we are now aiming for the trade fair in Stuttgart in November (creative & handicraft world). There is one more pattern that I really want to learn, but I didn't get the chance to do it at the needle and thread fair.

If you should still be online: I'll be back to "Ask Mutti" tomorrow, I have to be up pretty early tomorrow. That is how long it has to wait with the Revontuli cloth.