Who said you do it all

Awe of yourself

We are made up of body and soul

At a restaurant on Kevelaerer Hauptstrasse I found the following saying: “Do something good for your body so that the soul feels like living in it.” St. Teresa of Avila said this great word and I can fully identify with it. St. Teresa makes it clear how we humans are: We are made up of body and soul. We are happiest when body and soul are in harmony.

What is your soul

The body is our earthly home, the dwelling of our soul. What is the soul? It is your innermost, your spiritual self. It distinguishes us humans from all other living beings on earth. Your soul is created directly by God and given to you by him, through it you are a unique, unmistakable person, through it you can recognize and consider yourself and your living conditions. So through your soul you are not just a living being, but a person, a person. The fact that you have a soul created by God gives you an unmistakable dignity, but also a penchant for God, which promises you that your body will die at some point, but that your soul will not die, but a new, different body in eternity gets.

Not happy with you?

The fact that you have a soul in addition to your body also distinguishes you from all your fellow creatures in another way: You have responsibility for your own life, for your body and your soul. If you even have an inkling of who God is and how much he loves you, then you should like yourself for that reason alone and, because he created you, pull the whore.

Are you not satisfied with yourself? Too fat, too thin, too long, too short, too stupid, not the latest craze for creation? It can be. But God did not create you for a lazy man who just wants to enjoy himself, he created you and gave you your task. Make something of yourself. The secret is that God already loves you as the best that you can make of yourself. He already sees it all in you.

We make something of ourselves

So now we're making something of ourselves. We form our minds and learn everything there is to know. If you lose sight of your body and you do nothing for it and if you ignore your soul and do nothing for your relationship with God, you will become a strange one-sided being, comparable to a person who adores his body puts at the center of his thoughts and actions, who goes to the gym every day, but neglects his mind so much that any child can unhinge him with his knowledge. “People” don't love you because you look so great (but you are stupid) or because you are so educated (but your body remains strangely limp). Maybe you will be loved because you are educated and look good, but whoever gets involved with you will in the long run notice that you don't yet know what all this is supposed to be for. So don't forget your soul.

Responsibility for body and soul

In the long run you will only be happy if you remember that you are a unity of body and soul that God created and given you and that you already love. Make something of this gift and appreciate it. Learn to love yourself, be in awe of yourself. What you shouldn't do with yourself, you already know yourself. It's nice that you are here.