Should I drop out of university?

10 signs you should quit your studies and hang up

by Tim Reichel

Your studies don't know what it wants: Sometimes it's great, sometimes it's exhausting and sometimes it's pure hell.

Some students love their studies and get immersed in it; others hate every single lecture and torment themselves from semester to semester.

Difficult phases in studying are quite normal: sometimes things go well, sometimes things go bad. Some sections are strenuous and require perseverance, and at times everything goes like clockwork.

You only have a problem if your studies make you permanently unhappy and you get in a bad mood at the slightest thought about the university. If you can't get yourself up and the last bit of motivation is gone, then maybe it is time to look around for something new.

Here are 10 signs that you are yours dropping out of college should.


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10 signs you should quit your studies and hang up

As I said: Just because things are not going so well for you doesn't mean that you should give up immediately and finish your studies.

The point is that your studies should make you happy and satisfied in the long term and in the long term. And if it doesn't, then you have to react.

These 10 signs will help you put your situation right:


1. You only study to study

If you are one of those students who only study so that they have something to do or because they want to show some degree later: don't do it!

Studying without a goal doesn't work. If you don't know why you sit down at your desk, study and attend lectures every day, you will fail in the long run. You don't need to sign up just to be busy.

Without a clear goal and a certain passion for your subject, you will never have enough motivation to survive tough phases and achieve the performance that makes the difference in your studies.


2. You don't know what to do with your studies

Study first ... and then? Many students have no idea what to do after graduation. You just start studying without looking at the big picture.

Don't get me wrong: you don't have to have the perfect plan in your pocket all the time. But you should have a rough idea of ​​where your journey is going and what you want to achieve.

But if you have no idea what to do with your studies later, every step of your studies will be difficult for you. You are also wasting your time.


3. You are bad at what you do

We all have our strengths and weaknesses - nobody is perfect. And sometimes we have to admit that our performance in a small area is simply not good enough and that we cannot make any progress here.

It's the same with your studies: some subjects will suit you, others will drive you to despair. If, at the beginning of your university career, you have unfortunately decided on a course that you don't really like in retrospect, it is wise to change lanes before you get completely bogged down.


4. You are bored of your studies

Studying is not always a breathtaking science explosion with fireworks and halligalli. In fact, it is very, very rare.

Nevertheless, your alarm bells should go off if you are just bored with your studies and you would rather read through reviews of detergents than listen to your lecturer in the lecture.

Your studies don't have to keep you enthusiastic and knocking you off your feet - but if you are bored to death, it may be wrong for you.


5. You hate the type of teaching

The way in which knowledge is imparted at the university is very different: In some courses you have to learn a lot by heart and have factual knowledge, in others you need deductions and understanding.

Depending on what you like about it, the type of teaching can really get on your nerves and replace the death knell on your motivation to learn.


6. Your fellow students and lecturers keep getting on your nerves

In every course there are fellow students who get on your nerves and who make you wonder how they made it to university. In the same way, you will get to know lecturers, semester after semester, who are not only completely unsympathetic, but also have no idea about teaching and communication.

So far, so normal. However, if the people around you at university get on your nerves all the time and you become aggressive and unbalanced as a result, it may be time to change direction.


7. You are not developing any further

By studying you should grow beyond yourself and develop yourself further. Both professionally and related to your personality.

But if you notice that your studies are slowing you down and you are stuck, your further development will be blocked. In order to take the next step, you have no choice but to break off your studies and take a new path.


8. You are not interested in the content of your studies

As I said: Your studies are not always highlife and Galileo mystery. Nevertheless, you should be interested in the content of your studies and arouse your natural curiosity.

But if you consistently only do the bare minimums for your studies and are otherwise absolutely not interested in similar topics, you should better reorient yourself.

If you are not interested in your subject, you will have a hard time staying on the ball and delivering top performance. Not that you always have to deliver top performance, but without interest in the subject it will be difficult for you.


9. You have no more life besides your studies

If your studies are not fulfilling you and you have to put every free minute into studying in order to somehow get all the material out of the semester, this has an impact on your environment and the rest of your life.

If you study with a lot of effort and little return, your hobbies and friendships will wither. In addition, your study-life balance is tipped and you run towards your burnout with open arms.


10. You are often sick, unmotivated and in a bad mood

If you torment yourself through a course of study that is not suitable for you and constantly overwhelms you physically and mentally, your body will eventually go on strike.

You will then catch a cold more and more often, have a headache and sleep poorly. In addition, you are more often irritated and fall into a depressive mood, which pulls you down more and more. Pay attention to the recurring signals from your body - the little rascal is often smarter than we will ever be.


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Any of these 10 signs could be reason enough for you to give up and quit your studies. If you find yourself in several or all of the statements, then you should really make a few detailed thoughts about your future and question your studies.

But again: in every degree there are hard and difficult phases that put you to the test and demand everything from you. Every now and then you will be unmotivated, desperate and overwhelmed - this is completely normal.

Studying is not a pony farm. Studying is hard work. But hard work can and should also be fun. And maybe you are only in a small valley at the moment and it will soon be uphill again.


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