Why is Black Panther so popular

5 reasons Black Panther is one of the best Marvel movies

But Black Panther is so important to Marvel not only because of the money earned and the good ratings. The film brings a new perspective to the Marvel Universe and was able to avoid previous missteps by the franchise. Ryan Coogler's clear vision is probably responsible for this, and the studio must have learned from his mistakes too. In any case, the final product managed to massively improve in some weak points.

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1. There is a complex and memorable villain

It's no secret that the Marvel Universe has had a major bad guy problem for a while. Many of them are rather one-dimensional with very simple motives (world domination, wealth, etc.). They also often do not appear in most of the film and only appear towards the end of the third act. With that, the villain just seems to be a means to an end to advance the development of the superhero. Some evil characters are interesting antagonists, such as Loki played by Tom Hiddleston or Alexander Pierce played by Robert Redford (from "The Return of the First Avenger"), but for every good bad guy, there are two like Whiplash or Malekith.

The Marvel villains have steadily improved, for example with Vulture or Ego, and Erik Killmonger, portrayed by Michael B. Jordans, seems to be the personification of this upward trend. Killmonger casts a spell over the audience from the very first moment. The audience can sympathize with him because he has already experienced a lot of mental and physical pain in his life. Therefore, his story is just as exciting as that of T'Challa - if not a little more. If Marvel continues down this path, the films to come will definitely benefit.

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2. The soundtrack underlines the cinema experience

Music is another area where the Marvel films sometimes falter a bit. Except for Alan SilvestrisAvengers-Theme and a few other positive examples, most of the soundtracks were rather boring. Ludwig Goransson's orchestral music, on the other hand, makes an impression. His use of African instruments and beats makes the music unique and gives it a very special touch. In the further course, both the hero and his homeland get their own signature tune. Together with an electrifying soundtrack, for which Kendrick Lamar is responsible, the result is an unforgettable cinema adventure that has never been seen in this form in a Marvel film - or any other film in general.

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3. The female characters get attention

One of the great things about Black Panther is that it puts strong women at the center. And they don't disappoint! From the passionate javelin thrower Okoye to the brilliant and hilarious Shuri, every female character has multiple levels and is a big part of the movie's success.

Unless your name is Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff or, most recently, Valkyrie, women in the Marvel Universe have so far remained in the background. Pepper Potts, Jane Foster and a few others get a little fame here and there, but primarily they are in the shadow of the protganist (s). This time, however, the women compete with the title hero.

Nakia is again something very special, because the main character's beloved one often doesn't get that much to do. Whether we watch her beating up a few gangsters with Okoye in a South Korean casino or listening to them having a heated discussion about loyalty - every scene with her is absolutely captivating. We can only hope this is the beginning of a number of strong female characters on Marvel and on the big screen in general.

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4. The other Marvel films are barely mentioned

T'Challa's debut solo appearance is quite out of line in one way: there are no permanent references to other Marvel films. The film is set in the Marvel universe, that's clear from the start. But contrary to other film adaptations, he doesn't feel compelled to keep mentioning the larger context in which the plot is related. Except for a few flashbacks and particularly well-hidden hints that only real fans will understand, the larger universe is not mentioned. That helps the film stand on its own two feet.

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5. The film has an impact on the whole Marvel universe

So we don't spoil too much, let's put it this way: Black Panther ends with big changes in Wakanda and around the world. Except for movies like "The Avengers" and "The Return of the First Avenger", many other Marvel films end with happy ending. This is not the case with Black Panther and at the latest when the sequel is due, the universe should have been shaken up by the next two outstanding Avengers films.