How can boxers prevent cauliflower ears

Cauliflower ear (also ring ear)

How is a cauliflower ear made?

A cauliflower ear is caused by a bruise between the cartilage and the cartilage of the auricle. The liquid separates the cartilage from the cartilage skin and the cartilage is then no longer supplied with nutrients and can even die if left untreated. The separation of the cartilage and the skin of the cartilage creates the permanent deformation of the auricle, which resembles a cauliflower.

Cauliflower ears in wrestlers

Cauliflower ears or ring ears are particularly common in martial arts, such as boxing, wrestling, rugby or judo, by kicking, rubbing hard or hitting the ear. This creates the bruises that heal badly with poor treatment or no treatment at all. In the meantime, the deformation of the auricle has become a status symbol for some athletes. But now most professional athletes wear ear protection to prevent injuries. A bruise can also occur in amateur athletes or as a result of accidents in everyday life.

Cauliflower ears and piercing

Piercings in the auricle have been in demand for many years. But even a wrongly placed piercing can lead to bruises in the auricle. The auricle consists of elastic cartilage, which is covered by tight-fitting skin. That is why you should make sure that the ear is x-rayed before shooting or pricking the piercing in order to identify the blood vessels. The piercing should be set in such a way that it does not damage any of the veins and that the skin does not detach from the cartilage when it is pierced, so that no cauliflower ear develops.

Treatment and surgery

An initial treatment is possible with the family doctor or the ENT doctor. This makes a puncture and lets the blood flow out. Then he applies a pressure bandage so that the cartilage does not deform. However, anyone who has been living with a cauliflower ear for a long time and would like to have it fixed again can get help with an aesthetic operation. To do this, the surgeon removes the ossified bruise through an incision and brings the cartilage back into its correct shape. However, this procedure is very time-consuming and has to be paid for from your own account.

Possible consequential damage and complications

Consequential damage to hearing can occur if the pressure on the middle and inner ear caused by the bruise is too strong. It can cause hearing loss, tinnitus, or hearing loss. In addition, headache, heavy bleeding, and blurred vision may appear as symptoms. In the event of an operation, complications such as bleeding, inflammation or wound healing disorders can occur. Visible cartilage edges, scarring and necrosis of the skin can follow, especially with surgical correction of the cauliflower ear.

Suitable protection: Avoid ring ears

A suitable protection to avoid cauliflower ears is a special ear protection that is worn by most professional and amateur athletes. Simple ear protection and helmets with integrated ear protection are not unsportsmanlike, but prevent injuries and hearing damage. This ear protection can be bought on various websites, but also special sports shops offer them.