Is it worth getting the CAPM

If someone does not have enough experience to get the PMP, should they get the CAPM instead or wait until they have enough experience to PMP?

First off, I agree with the author that a PMP is really a waste of time and money. Let's say you have 20 years of PM experience and a degree in management. What can they teach you that you are not yet doing? knows.

I have been a PMO and PM manager for 10 years with over 20 years of experience. I have hired PMP employees and non-PMP employees with experience. Let me tell you that a piece of paper you pick up on a weekend cram class is not worth it, and neither are the people who hand it out ... Of the 300 people I hired, those were those with the PMP designation the most incompetent and difficult to work with. First, they think they are entitled, and second, they have no real world experience. HR folks wake you up when they throw away a lot of good talent on a piece of worthless paper.

Second people with PMP designations don't make more money ..... This is indeed misleading, if you had one I would pay you less because in most of the cases you were not qualified to manage plumbing ...

I would love to use 5 of my most experienced project managers against any PMP and I will guarantee that they will get any project done faster, safer, and for less money than someone with a PMP ... so a HR manager wakes up and realizes this will be you from those who do PMPs have ripped off and briefly switched. Management is an art and a science, just as it is a human-qualified profession. They teach you these things at work and not in a three day classroom or from a PMBOK. I've read this book twice and it's kind of strange if you ask me ... how's the PMP? Don't waste your time, gain experience and work with companies whose HR people know real talent !!!!

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Hello Paul, welcome to PMSE and thank you very much for your insight and sharing your experiences. The experiences of others will of course be different. Due to the subjective nature of this topic and the possibility of disagreement, I was wondering if there are statistics to support this that you could link in your answer.