What is a terrine

Pies or terrines

Without a batter, terrines are conjured up into hearty delicacies. (Photo by: © Peredniankina / fotolia.com)

Their elaborate preparation and their truly elegant appearance also make them the ideal prelude to the festive Christmas dinner.

Pies or terrines - the difference

  • A Pate is a hot or cold dish that consists of a Batter and a filling (= farce).
  • A terrine, on the other hand, has no batter. I.e. the aromatic filling (farce) is filled in a form - the form can also be lined with bacon or pork net. The filling itself can also be shaped by adding aspic (= jelly).

Wrapped pate

As Batter more crispy is suitable for a pate puff pastry. But it can also be unsweetened shortcrust or more special Pie dough be used.

The pie is baked in small individual molds or in one Box shape.

The filling consists of either a farce or a creamy ragout. Serve as ingredients for both fillings Meat, fish, mushrooms or vegetables. The filling is seasoned with spices and herbs, bound with eggs and cream and finally baked in a batter.

For the pate as Christmas starter works best spicy game, finely seasoned with winter and Christmas spices or tender poultry. Prepared from foie gras and truffles, foie gras pate is an absolute classic among Christmas starters.

also vegetarian ..

As meatless variation the pie is filled with an aromatic mushroom ragout or Pumpkin mass at.


While Christmas game and mushroom pies are only used in a hearty version, the pumpkin pate is also available as a sweet or sweet-savory variant.

Pumpkin flesh goes well with Christmas spices such as ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and cloves. With the pumpkin pie as a Christmas starter, however, a commercially available gingerbread spice can also be used without any problems.

Our recipe tips for pies:

Almost naked terrine

A terrine tastes wonderfully delicate and is served cold. (Photo by: © alain wacquier / fotolia.com)

Consisting of a fine farce mass, the terrine comes entirely without batter on the table. The terrine is, so to speak, the "Undressed" sister the pate.

A heat-resistant mold or a special terrine shape is used to shape the tender mass.

The terrine is always baked in oven, in a water bath standing.

Terrines are basically enjoyed cold. At the end of the baking process, the terrine must therefore cool down well before it can be cut into slices and served on the plate.

A wild terrine with pistachios and shallots, which is served on a mirror made of aromatic red wine sauce, is ideal as a Christmas starter.

A salmon terrine with cream cheese and dill is also delicious and appropriate for the festive occasion. Delicate pink and brilliant white with fresh green - sliced ​​and served, the individual farce layers come into their own in terms of color.

Vegetable terrines or their festive combination with various game fish, crustaceans or mussels are also visually appealing.

also vegetarian ...

Vegetable terrines can also consist of creamy and creamy farce mass. Alternatively, the individual ingredients can also be embedded in a savory gelatin mass. Whether broccoli florets, quail eggs, asparagus, lobster or caviar - sliced ​​and cold, the noble components of the terrine are easily recognizable in the finest aspic.

Our recipe tips for terrinnen:


Whether with a batter as a pie or naked as a terrine, which tastes better can be argued about. What both have in common is that it is relatively easy to create an extraordinary masterpiece from ordinary ingredients that will delight the eye and the palate.

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