Who shouldn't you fall in love with?

8 reasons you shouldn't fall in love (and 1 reason you should)

Do you know the moments when you just got your heart broken and you think, "I should have known, I really should have known"? Well, I hate to say it, but yeah, you really should have done that. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it now other than spend a little time in silence and then move your ass off the couch and pull your cover back up.

Here is a list of situations where falling in love only leads to a heartbreak with the aim of avoiding the same mistake.

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1. Don't fall in love with a relationship that started with lust.

This is the kind of love story that has graced both the big and small screens many, many times, and that has made many of us think that we too might fall in love with a one night stand. But it's different here in the real world. Just because you lost your heart when you got to his apartment that night doesn't mean he did too. The difference between a physical and an emotional connection is very well known, and it's time you learned a thing or two about it. Otherwise you end up alone. Heartbroken And unhappy.

2. Don't fall in love if the relationship has a deadline

He's moving to another city in a year. Or he starts a whole new life towards the end of winter. Whatever the reason, your time with them has a deadline. Deadlines are so called for good reason; it is mostly the end of the road. You're not going faster in a dead end, are you? Then why do you fall in love with a dead end? You know you'll end up alone Heartbroken And unhappy.

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3. Don't fall in love with 20 million kilometers between the two of you.

Long-distance relationships take a lot of effort, and they bring you a lot of emotional struggles. One day you'll wonder if it's really worth it. Once you start to wonder, you won't be able to think about whether the other side thinks the same thing. The tension builds until it's over - BUM, and it's over. And you're left alone Heartbroken And unhappy.

4. Don't fall in love with long, wonderful conversations.

Everyone has understood it by now: Nobody can have the kind of connection you have. It goes beyond normal human interaction and goes deep into the soul. It's something special, something extraordinary, something unique. Here's a quick message for you: That's what all lovers think. Falling in love on such a deep and personal level is the best feeling in the world, but it also invites the worst kind of heartbreak. And loneliness. And misery.

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5. Don't fall in love "despite what they say"

Well, people will always have a lot of stupid reasons why you shouldn't be with the person you love. Maybe it's because of the difference in the background. Maybe it's the difference in attractiveness. Maybe it's because of the different properties. These people are ridiculous and you should ignore them. But when all of your family members and friends start disapproving, something is definitely wrong. They will always take care of you. If each and every one of them has expressed some form of disapproval, then you must either reevaluate the friends you have made or let your lover go quickly before they do and leave you alone, heartbroken and miserable.

6. Don't fall in love when the red flag is up and waving.

You will want to ignore it because you are already starting to enjoy yourself. Maybe it's his political views, maybe it's his misogyny, or maybe it's his cleanliness (or lack of it). The voice on the back of your head tells you it's a red warning flag, but your heart, that damn thing, tells you that you can get over it. Here is what will happen if you pursue this: you will be able to ignore it for the first few days, months, maybe even years, if you are a Saint. But ultimately this will slowly take you away until it comes between the two of you. Then he leaves you. And you will be heartbroken, alone and unhappy.

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7. Don't fall in love if he will never be in love.

Don't fall in love with someone with attachment problems. The excuses "I didn't know he wasn't the type to bond" are unnecessary. You knew You knew Do you think you can change him? No way. You cannot correct a person. You cannot change a person. He will do what he wants and he will leave you alone. Heartbroken And unhappy.

8. Don't fall in love a second time.

Fall in love once to feel that enchanting kind of happiness that only love can bring. To feel loved, to feel special. To feel like you own the world because you have it and nothing else matters. But just a heartache is enough. And putting yourself through someone else is just plain stupid. Nobody wants to feel heartbroken and lonely and miserable a second time.

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But forget all of that.

Forget the reasons why you shouldn't fall in love.

Forget when you shouldn't fall in love. Forget not to fall in love Because when it comes down to it, your heart will do what it wants. That is the magic of love; it makes even the most intelligent people forget all logic and common sense. So you might as well sit back and enjoy the ride. Forget the statistics that tell you there is a 98% chance that you will end up miserably.

Fall in love because you will anyway. Fall in love deeply and deeply. Fall in love intensely. Fall in love flat out. Fall in love in spite of everything, because who knows Maybe you are the exception after all.

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