Which plastic material is used for deep drawing

Deep drawing

Deep drawing is the most important manufacturing technology in sheet metal forming. It can be used for both large and small series. Deep drawing with different metallic materials is also possible. The sheets that can be used in deep drawing include structural steel, stainless steel and aluminum, but also copper, titanium and brass. Thermoforming is also possible for plastics, whereby the technology of thermoforming is used here.

Deep drawing with tools

The most typical variant of deep drawing is deep drawing with rigid tools from tool making. These tools consist of a punch, a die and a blank holder or hold-down device. The cut sheet metal is fixed by the sheet metal holder. During the deep-drawing process, the punch clamps the sheet metal over the die radius and presses it into the die, also known as the drawing ring. The edges of the sheet and punch are rounded to prevent the sheet from tearing during forming.

The change in the initial shape is greater in deep drawing than in most other forming processes. The finished product takes on a completely new shape and is hardly reminiscent of the original workpiece. When used correctly and under the appropriate conditions, deep drawing is an extremely efficient, fast and proven process that is suitable for producing large numbers of uniform products.

Deep-drawn parts are manufactured in particular for the automotive industry, but there is also a need for deep-drawn parts in the catering, sanitary and aircraft industries.