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Berlin police have a heavy pickup removed from two electric charging stations

For the drivers of electric cars, it can be a major annoyance if a planned charging station is not accessible because they then do not get the electricity they hoped for or needed. In the USA they have even come up with a name for cases in which a car with a combustion engine is parked in an electric parking lot reserved for charging: ICE-ing. Fortunately, the police are sometimes on the spot relatively quickly and take remedial action - like last weekend in Berlin.

“We also take care of heavyweights. If the big blue had actually tapped the charging station, the electricity would probably have failed in the surrounding households, ”wrote @polizeiberlin on Saturday Twitter and published two pictures. The first one shows a blue (combustion) pickup from Ford, which is almost in the middle of two parking spaces only for charging, next to it a black Tesla Model S protruding sideways over the left parking lot. The second picture shows how that one Ford hovers on the arm of a tow truck.

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The police did not provide any details about the circumstances, so it is not clear whether they were called by the driver of the Tesla, by someone else, or whether they intervened on their own initiative. In the second picture, next to the hovering pickup, you can see a charging station with a plugged-in charging cable, and the Tesla seems to be close enough to it to have charged before. In some cities, the police have meanwhile begun to have blocked loading spaces hauled free before a person willing to load them can be found.

In any case, the scene now shown by the police is not without a certain irony: In the USA, Tesla Superchargers with pickups similar to the one in Berlin have been ICEted several times. In contrast to the current case in Berlin, however, there were sometimes several vehicles involved, which gave the impression that there was a high probability that the charging stations were not being blocked out of a lack of parking spaces, but out of hostility to electric cars.

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