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Forum - - X-Factor (RTL & VOX)

Did you watch the first shows? What do you think What do you think of Sarah Connor as a juror?

I think she does it really well, she seems personable. Many candidates are also extremely talented, so it's fun to listen.

What sometimes annoys are the eternal grief stories: "My mother had an operation", "my father is dead", etc. Everything is sadly clear, but I think it's bad to want to make a profit from it at a casting show and press on the tear gland in such a way .
But we know that from other casting shows too, what the heck!

I actually like to watch it and I'm looking forward to the upcoming shows
I think "X-Factor" is very good, I like it better than "Popstars" or "DSDS" because the vocal quality is much higher and groups and people over 30 can take part.

I also think the jury is very strong, does not try to offend the candidates or make jokes at their expense, you are taken much more seriously as an artist than with "DSDS".

The show has a lot of potential and is fresh, the fact that the jurors compete against each other promises excitement and some friction!

I'm excited to see how it goes from here, so far I think "X-Factor" is the best casting show I've ever seen!
when is x-factor actually and on which program?
@Monrosefreakxx: Every Tuesday at 8:15 p.m. on VOX!
Unfortunately, the mourning stories are also a long-running hit with pop stars ...

As I can see on the RTL homepage, Menowin's little brother will be there next week. Let's see if Menderes is still involved in X-Factor
Laatst gewijzigd:
by the way:

the swiss Edita. who is now a finalist, has already released an album that is probably rightly ignored
Yes, I even bought this album at the time, thinks it's not that bad. Hope she gets far, she mostly overpowers while singing, that bothers me a little, sometimes less is just more.
Never found Meral as good as La Famille, I am disappointed that this cool band has left. (It's true that they didn't have the best voices, but they could entertain and come across as personable, not like Meral ...)

My favs are:

Mati Gavriel (Muse was an excellent match for him)
Marlon (wonderful voice)
Urban Candy (I don't know why, I find them kind of awesome)

Pino Severino also did very well. I hadn't liked it so far, but he really rocked the last show, I was totally impressed by the ...
Ah ... thanks for the info Fuedlibuerger regarding Edita's album ..
My favorites are: Marlon, Edita and Pino.
Mati was very boring. Muse's music might suit him optically, but he got it across and sang badly. I don't know what they'll find in him, except that he's unkempt.
As of today my favorite is Anthony Thet! Purple Rain performed really well and played the guitar ...
yes anthony is cool. It actually seems to me to have potential on the music market
The quality of the candidates in this program is generally very high. Who, in my opinion, can't keep up is Meral. Denise would have heard in her place.
I think Anthony is overrated. Visually and stylistically, he may be interesting, but he is simply not in control of his voice. In addition, its timing is disastrous. On "Purple Rain" only the guitar was good.

Edita KILLED it Big Soul was pretty good. I didn't like Marlon that much yesterday and neither did Pino. George was right. He was totally tense. I have the feeling he wants to look masculine for the devil. : /
Laatst gewijzigd:
Editha is really awesome, that's right. With Anthony, I agree with you, he still has to work on his voice. But he has an extraordinary stage presence and looks damn good :-)

I also loved Big Soul. Marlon sings things that are too difficult for him, but I really like the color of his voice.

@Bosanka: I'm glad that someone else likes to watch X-Factor :-)
It's just the best talent show that's on TV right now. The candidates are very good; not to be compared with e.g. those from pop stars or DSDS.

Marlon sounds almost identical to Damien Rice ("The Blower's Daughter"). He just needs a bit of vocal training, and that's it. The main disadvantage for him is that he cannot sing different things. But always sone numbers. À la Milow.
Phuuu. Pino and Edita ROCKED it. Again. And big soul. All others were mediocre to poor.
Editha was amazing with "Respect"
Wow, this Mati sucks rough. -_- 'He sings crooked, crooked, he doesn't know the timing. BLAH
OMG Mati Gavriel was just amazing. So pure and real - so much feeling. I was blown away. You could feel that he had forgotten the world around him.

Pino was also very cool and Editha was also very cool. Divine. The three belong in the final!
Edita somehow doesn't impress me at all. seems somehow artificial and not sympathetic to me. even if she has a great voice.
So folks, I think a lot of people out there agree with me too.
I think the decision today that the Pino was kicked out is mega shit, because this Marlon is 10 times worse than Pino. First of all, Marlon doesn’t hit the right notes and nothing comes across on stage ...... really boring the guy. When did he move? NEVER! He's not bad, but he can't keep up with the others .... that just doesn't go into my skull that is wider. That fits DSDS or pop stars ;-) in terms of level.
The Mati was very good today, I only think guitar and vocals are great. Editha is, as always, awesome at singing and Big Soul are also very good, but I can't imagine them as a winner. Anthony is good but I can't always listen to him in the long run.
I would laugh if the Marlon wins ....... then x-Factor is real shit. Sorry but the decision against Pino wasn't right. Was it maybe the strippers? Marlon out ..... Marlon out Pino back in!
I like Marlon a lot, but he definitely should have been in Pino's place today. Pino was extremely good today and was thrown out undeservedly.
Marlon has never sung so badly as it does today.

The problem is that Marlon has been criticized quite heavily. Many of his fans have probably called several times because they were afraid for him.

That is exactly the unfair thing about such casting shows - the weaker ones get more support because the fans are afraid that their favorites could be kicked out. You don't call for the good guys because you think "They'll get on anyway".

You could clearly feel that the jury hadn't expected this selection either. George Glueck finally had to decide and he didn't make it easy for himself. I think it was crucial for him that Pino was out for the second time, but Anthony was out for the first time ...
tell me did you read that that anthony and edita should have something? do you think there is something to it? so I think it's cute. habs only seen in a "big daily newspaper" and on the x factor page so ei vox is now also to be seen. here:

I also think it's a shame that pino is out. he was a good singer. better than anthony anyway
Unfortunately, I cannot understand the hype surrounding Mati. But well...
I think George voted out Pino because, on the other hand, Sarah would still have had all of her 3 candidates in the running. It is obvious that he can sing better than Anthony (who hits almost no note).
Laatst gewijzigd:
This song that Till Brönner interpreted sounded familiar to me. It's a cover version of a hit from 1972.
Just great

Peace and Love Generation Feelling
Thank God Mati is on. It is still one of my favorites (the second song wasn't that great, but song 2 by Blur was absolutely awesome).

But right now I have to say: I love Anthony
I cried at "Under The Bridge"! (And that rarely happens to me).

I know that I make enemies with it, but I think Big Soul is sympathetic, but boring ...
..... no no, I also wished that Big Soul was out, Stella Nera ...
I would have liked the big soul to be thrown out and not Marlon
i already liked marlon from the casting, and i never liked big soul !!!
I've seen a lot of great singers, and I've also heard good microphone singers. But a singer who throws away the "VOICE" after his stage appearance !! (throws)
Never !! What a noble gesture for him to take the microphone again with the words, take it here, maybe you still need it !?
To press in hand. The reaction from the jury, which was very competent for me, was exemplary.!
Many others would have given him a toilet role with the words:
"Anyone who acts so crappy in front of an audience on stage !! Like you !! You also need paper !!
That shouldn't seem disrespectful, Mati used this as an artistic element - like many before him. You really don't have to be so petty.
"I've seen many great singers and also heard good microphone singers. But a singer who throws away the" VOICE "after his stage appearance !!
Never !!"

Probably something else from Axl Rose (Guns'n'Roses) ...
Axl Rose has the micro-stand to the rear in his show
thrown. And his throw was directed; because he was always caught there by an employee. His microphone was far too sacred for such an action. We all know how sensitive these "things" are.
Mati's throw-away action wasn't disrespectful ... It was
inartistic!! Inartistic for the reason that he himself felt that his performance was not good! Or what
Stella Nera in her comment from October 20. correctly remarked: "The 2nd song wasn't that great" ...... But it is precisely in such a stage performance that the true artist shows himself through discipline.
How can a young person who has no stage experience at all, totally control his emotions? Especially after all the nerve tension has subsided! Can't you empathize with the Mati and try to tolerate it?
Mati is annoying. He is overrated and personally unsympathetic to me. If he could sing I'd let him do it, but he can't.
@ Rabben colleague;

I'm not talking about the mic stand, I'm talking about the microphone. Axl threw that away more than once. Sometimes out of sheer anger. But you apparently know everything better, what am I actually discussing with you. obergähn!

Small example for Mister Klugscheisser:

(Minute 0:47)
Laatst gewijzigd:
@ Kamala Rabben
Of course, I understand your objection to my harsh judgment on Mati. Yes, there is no compromise on the stage; and there pity only exists in illusion.
Everything else around the artist is hard work and discipline.

Peter ... is good, you can combine well in any case .... pity was never my intention, rather I asked for a little forbearance, and in my opinion XFactor is not "the big stage" on which one should uncompromisingly perform one's performance!
@ Rabben-Wursti

You probably don't check anything ... WHERE do I compare Axl with Mati? I only said that Axl threw his microphone away, which you denied with your * cough * knowledge, respectively claimed that no singer throws his microphone away - they are sooo expensive, haha ​​... Do you think that interests you millionaire singer (or a TV station in the case of Mati)?
Now the counter-evidence and the arguments on your part have to be relocated somehow in order to get out of the "embarrassing" situation for you. Well ...

Axl not a serious singer? Well then .. I think x-million sold records and countless concerts speak volumes and invalidate this argument on your part. But as I said; live in your world, nobody will talk you into it, become happy with it. But don't suck around here with naive pseudo-half-knowledge.

It's not about uncompromising, it's more about emotions ... And they are everywhere - whether at home where nobody notices, on a small stage, on a large stage or on TV. Or at least about show effects.

But typical that philistines can get upset about shit like throwing away a mic ... God in heaven, how ordered does the world have to be?
Laatst gewijzigd:
Thank you Pillermaik! You speak to me from the soul...
Well, Anthony is out, now only Mati and then we would have a passable finale. Edita - Pino would have been perfect, but oh well ... What do you want to do.
I don't have to see Mati either. I also think that Pino and Editha should have won - talented and ready for the stage. In order to let Editha win now, Big Soul must by no means make it to the next round, because the jury wants Big Soul to come out on top by all means, even though they have neither made a nice stage appearance nor a great vocal performance. (DickenBonus). Their trick is: Mati out - let Editha compete against Big Soul, although the jury has already decided that they will kick Editha out - no matter how she struggles. Damn unfair ....
I'm sad that Anthony is out. I really hope that he will continue to make music and be successful. Sympathetic, musical, attractive and just a good performer ... I LOVE Anthony
I just happened to zap into the replay of X-Factor.
What kind of sausage is this Mati - an Ottifant for the poor the guy can't do anything.
Anthony is out? Find him the most likable. Problem: no corners and edges, so no X-factor. Otherwise - superfluous show with very annoying jurors.
Jo in particular that one, but also the heather gray one and suck his nose
Brönner is hot
I think Brönner is hot too
The jury doesn't kick anyone out anymore, the audience decides from now on. So you can bury the conspiracy theories. Let's hope Edita makes the running. Your presence and safety on stage is incredible. And since she has always been voted on by the audience directly, we can continue to hope for her victory.
I was about to vote for the X-factor and heard a tape announcement: the participant was no longer active!
That's a fraud!
How do you like that? Has something like that happened to you too?
I think that will be very close for Edita, seemed a bit colorless in contrast to Mati and Big Soul. But I hope that's enough!
Laatst gewijzigd:
@ Daniela: It worked for me!
"I've seen many great singers and also heard good microphone singers. But a singer who throws away the" VOICE "after his stage appearance !!
Never !!"

@Hmmmm, did I miss something? What kind of charisma did Matti throw away his Mico? I want to see that gerene
I said: @pillermaik "I've seen a lot of great singers and also heard good microphone singers. But a singer who throws away the" VOICE "after his stage appearance !!
Never !!"

n what charisma did Matti throw away his microphone? I want to see that
Edita and Big Soul in the final, very cool! Big Soul are sure to be the clear favorites, but let's see!
If Edita doesn't win this thing, I'll be Santa Claus

The girl is just awesome
I also hope Edita wins, but the story of and behind Big Soul is better
Edita should do it.
And why is the Big Soul story better? In what way?
For me personally they are less interesting than Edita from a musical point of view.
At the beginning I would never have believed that none of Sarah's candidates would be in the final ...
They make it exciting again at the end ...
after Stefanie Heinzmann and Leo Ritzmann, another Swiss woman wins in a German casting show!

And just a few minutes after the show you can download the title from iTunes, Musicload, Napster, etc ...

Here you can hear the performance and the song:
Laatst gewijzigd:
Great, I'm happy, she really deserves it
How nice, the "Nikolaus" is spared me

I'm so happy for the girl
There is nothing wrong with Edita in and of itself, but without a super producer and super songs she too will quickly disappear into oblivion.

I can no longer hear these assembly-line casting songs like the one in the finale.The question remains, how big a part of a song is in the failure of casting winners ...
I haven't looked since Mati left. But I'm happy that Editha won and not Big Soul ...
Quote Kingpin: "There is nothing wrong with Edita, but without a super producer and super songs she too will quickly disappear into oblivion."

That's logical, EVERY career stands and falls with it.
But Madonna finally made it with only half as much singing talent ...
@ Rolli

When I think of Justin Bieber, it's far from logical.

Weak voice, weak songs. The rule is that there are exceptions.
The winning song is enormously boring, the chorus is imaginative - endless repetition ... The composition is nil interesting and shallow - it doesn't do justice to Edita's voice and what she can do with it in no second. It's a shame for Edita that she has to sing such trash. Otherwise I agree with Kingpin!

Well, then Edita can easily do it with scrap producers and scrap songs
But only with an androgynous and lard-drenched look à la Justin.
In a year she will be living in a shitty area again and will be at the next casting ...
Or she founds a cast-away flat share with Leo.

Leo's tips to Edita on blick-online are extremely valuable. "It shouldn't bend". How can you not bend over when a whole host of producers, record bosses and stylists tell you what to do and what to say?

Well, Leo must know ...
Juhui, another casting show behind us! With another winner, whose name will be forgotten in a few months!
The winning song, composed especially for x-factor, bears a strong resemblance to "Wonderful Life" by Hurts. Especially the beginning!
Don't you think so too?

Only Edita's song is not as good as the original, of course ...
You forget it so quickly.
@DieDa: Yes, there is already a certain similarity, especially the beginning and in the chorus, but I only noticed when I had read your comment. But almost every song sounds like an already existing one, the tones are limited.
@DieDa, Starmania,
GEMA speaks of 4 bars of foreign music that the composer is allowed to bring into his new work.
I disagree !! For me only the recognition value of the melody counts. In it the composer expresses his new musical idea.

We all know Beethoven's 5th symphony:
DA DA DA DAA .... DA DA DA DAA .....
There are 4 tones and 8 rhythmic beats from which
Beethoven creates a symphony.

Your opinion on what has already been heard unfortunately corresponds to the conventions in today's music world. Existing and well-known melodies are being redesigned and somewhat
newly used .... True to the motto: What is already in the mind arrives faster and better.

One more thought about the limited tones: The 12 tones that
the composers, in the 500 years of Western music
use, had already "exhausted" themselves through the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. It is all the more astonishing that
American jazz, although it is based on J.S. Bach's roots have given us such a new richness of sound.
So one could jump on every branch of musical advancement, and before expressiveness
Kneel down on this unique universal language of mankind.

David 'Sgt. Pepper 'Pfeffer has what it takes to be a superstar.

He can sing well, his song selection is perfect, getting better every week, and he makes all the artists he has covered look B-class !!
But he has a 'smooth' personality and comes across as boring ... I don't understand what everyone thinks about David ... Whereby 'everyone' is almost all women and they probably just love David ...

My favorites are out anyway, hope that Rafaela wins or just Nica & Joe, whereby the latter will be the only ones who would have long-term success (in their genre) anyway.
Rafaela is with J. Lo, a German copy. Nica & Joe goes if you like 'Classical Pop'.

And this is the first time that I'm a fan of a cop. I'm just saying Sgt. Pepper!
X Factor yesterday on RTL is great, it's about the music and the jury with:
S. Connor, H. P. Baxxter, Sandra Nasić, Moses Pelham

Top jury, friendly and they can really judge.
No longer in the mood for casting shows
Casting shows are frequently boring? No, they don't necessarily have to !!! You got the whole fun in the 2nd season of X-Factor U.S. A review:

It's absolutely funny what happened in the American version of X-Factor:

Demi Lovato - Simon Cowell Rivalry - The little taunts and teasing between the music mogul and the singer were wonderful to see. Really had to laugh. Pure entertainment. Only the Americans can do that. Playful fun.

When Demi Lovato hosted the Teen Choice Awards, Simon Cowell was shown on the big screen as a little surprise:

"She's annoying, obnoxious, disruptive, gobby, irritating, bad manners, not great taste - did I say irritating? Yes? Annoying, very annoying. She's a brat." I could go on for hours, but that's what makes her special, and I really do love her, a bit. Have a great night, wish I was there, but no one invited me, "he said.

Cowell vs. Lovato - 2nd season - Funniest moments:

Cowell & Lovato at the Conan O'Brien Show:

"Let's clear it up, you are very annoying. HOW'S THAT? Well you are." Nervously laughing off the criticism, Lovato fired back, "You can be a bit of an a ** hole. HOW'S THAT?"

Massage: What's a MäSAAASCH? MEsasch. I'm english! But you're in this country !!

Not to forget the fabulous Britney Spears: Best faces, quotes and moments. "She's doin 'half the show topless," Cowell said to promote it. Yeah, Britney Bitch!

And the winner is ......

Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato will be back on X-Factor U.S. Season 3. They really love each other. No?
Laatst gewijzigd:
^ Thanks! The first video sweetened my evening right away, really funny!

Whereby, especially with the US version, it depends more on the jury than on the candidates. But that's also the case with The Voice.

I'm already looking forward to this year's German season. With Mrs. Greenbird there were surprisingly successful winners last year, in Germany her album could soon reach platinum status ...

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