Can do strength training underweight

Build muscle mass if you are underweight - muscle building tips

"Nothing is more beautiful than being thin." - With this provocative "wisdom" model Kate Moss once heated the minds. In fact, this statement may be a slap in the face for those who want nothing more than to finally have a few extra pounds on their ribs and gain muscle mass.

Are you leaving no stone unturned to finally achieve your goal? Do you eat mountains of chocolate, pudding, ice cream and Co. to finally put more weight on the scales? Then you are doing something wrong ... Because this approach is certainly not particularly success-oriented, there is another way to gain weight healthily. On the contrary, sooner or later it will even make you sick.

Certainly: to be called a linnet is not a particularly good feeling from experience. Quite apart from that, a figure that's too thin doesn't really look good. Not to mention, it's neither healthy nor feels good.

"You're still falling off the flesh!" Or "You are a line in the landscape" - these and similar statements by people from your own social environment are neither motivating, nor do they ensure that you upgrade your self-confidence if you are already having a hard time so does gain weight. Speaking of which: Those who have not experienced it first hand will find it difficult to understand that losing weight can often be much easier than gaining weight or building muscle mass.

Have you already tried a lot of advice and tips in the past? Always hoping to build muscle mass and finally no longer look like a beanstalk? Hand on heart: If all this information really would have brought success, you would definitely not read this text, right? Have you ever thought that many advice portals primarily aim to bring their products to men or women? And that some fitness studios or consultants have one thing above all else in mind: to encourage people like you to sign up for a gym membership or subscriptions for special dietary supplements and the like. So don't be surprised that at one point or another you may have been informed "past your goal".

The main causes of insufficient muscle mass

You don't have to buy pills or drinks to gain muscle mass successfully.

The reasons for low weight can be varied, mostly a bad diet is to blame. The daily consumption of too many carbohydrates and too little protein makes an important contribution in this regard. In addition, a lack of exercise can be responsible for insufficient muscle mass. Too little discipline or insufficient stamina are also the cause of men and women appearing wiry and too thin. Why? Because the muscles are not used to a sufficient extent in the course of the individual movement sequences - regardless of whether they are doing sports or going for a walk. The fact is that you have to expose your body to certain stresses on a regular basis. This is the only way to build muscle mass at all. In general, several factors play a central role in gaining weight.

Certainly psychological stress such as stress, dementia, hypothyroidism etc., but also physical illnesses can be the cause of loss of appetite or ultimately even of eating disorders. Older people are also often affected by underweight, for example because they simply forget to eat due to dementia or other health problems.

Last but not least, it turns out again and again that malnutrition is to blame if someone weighs too little. So if the body does not get the nutrients it needs, it usually quickly results in rapid weight loss. If you want to actively do something, you should first have a trusted family doctor check you out in order to be able to rule out diseases of all kinds.

Build muscle mass - the right diet

The larger the amount of food you eat every day, the sooner you will be able to build muscle mass! Almost. You should certainly try in the long term to consume around 2,500 to 3,000 calories per day. But not by eating one meal at a time! Because that means at most stress for your body. The result: health problems that, sooner or later, can even degenerate into obesity. In this respect, you would only have reversed your previous weight problem: You may weigh more, but the percentage of fat in your body is downright oversized. As far as the percentage of muscle mass is concerned, it will certainly continue to be below normal. That cannot be in the spirit of the inventor.

So the fact is that you have to change your diet completely. It is best to plan around four to five meals a day for yourself. You start with small amounts so that your gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system are by no means overloaded, but can gradually get used to your new diet. In this way, you are guaranteed to have long-term nutritional success - and stay healthy.

From now on, fruit, vegetables and, as far as possible, wheat-free products should be on your daily menu. Why wheat free? Because it has recently been recognized that wheat - which, by the way, is contained in almost all finished products in the form of modified starch etc. - contains a gluten protein that proves to be an additional burden on your body. Even if the German Nutrition Society strongly suggests that you eat whole grain products regularly, you are still well advised to only consume bread products that do not contain wheat. Wheat makes you fat, and your body accumulates fat quickly. That is what it is necessary to prevent. After all, you want to build muscle and not fat mass in order to fight against your low weight.

Supplement your daily menu with fresh eggs, quark dishes and fatty products. Of course, only those products that contain the so-called positive fats, such as red meat, cold-pressed oils with a high omega-3 fatty acid content, low-fat cheese and flaxseed oil. Fresh fish, such as salmon, is also high in healthy fat. It also contains L-carnitine, an elementary protein component that also has a positive effect on your weight gain. Quark, milk and milk products contain valuable protein that you urgently need for muscle maintenance.

By the way, dairy products also contain a lot of calcium. You need this building block to strengthen and stabilize your bones. It is precisely with underweight people that they are exposed to a particular risk of bone fractures and even osteoporosis. It is therefore also recommended that you include pulses such as beans, peas and lentils and, last but not least, delicious seeds and nuts in your personal nutritional program.

The icing on the cake for your new start - enough exercise

Often there is talk of avoiding exercise if possible in order to prevent further weight loss. However, the reality is different. Your body can only optimally metabolize the food you feed it if it receives or absorbs enough oxygen. And this is only the case when you are moving.

It is important that you do the right sport. In order to successfully build muscle mass, you have to do sports that require your muscles intensively over a short period of time. The fast-twitch muscle fibers are responsible for the intensive use of force and are particularly sensitive to growth stimuli. The more intensely you put these muscle fibers under stress, the more likely it is that they will respond with growth!

Conversely, the slowly twitching muscle fibers are designed for long-lasting endurance loads and generally react little or no growth to stress. These slowly twitch muscle fibers are used in endurance sports such as jogging, cross-country skiing, cycling and aerobics. All of these sports consume a huge amount of calories if they are practiced intensely. However, they do not expose the muscles to any growth stimuli. Instead, it is primarily the cardiovascular system that is being trained here. As a result, endurance sports are indeed worthwhile from a health point of view, but are absolutely unsuitable and even counterproductive for gaining body weight.

The most effective way to gain muscle mass is one properly performed strength training! Long-term, regular strength training has the following positive effects, among others:

  • More effective and efficient nutrient utilization
  • An (sometimes considerable) increase in appetite
  • Increase in performance, strength and fitness
  • Posture improvement
  • Strong increase in protein metabolism (thereby incorporating dietary protein to build muscle mass)
  • An increase in energy consumption and thus the minimization of fat build-up in the course of weight gain

In addition to all of the physical effects mentioned, long-term strength training also has significant positive effects on the psyche in the long term. A gain in muscle mass and strength is often accompanied by a gain in mental strength and increased self-confidence. In addition to the physical aspects, this is a bonus that should not be despised.

Start slowly - always with the goal in mind

It is important that you master the muscle building project with a positive attitude. It is possible that this physical exertion will cost you some effort at first. However, as soon as you notice that something is happening in your body, experience has shown that this is pure motivation.

Try to do a little exercise at work, too. Completely unnoticed by your colleagues, you can, for example, raise and lower your stretched legs under the desk without touching the floor. At the same time, tense the inner muscles of your upper arms and try to hold this position for as long as possible. It is just as useful and inconspicuous to turn your upper body alternately from left to right while your feet are firmly on the ground. If possible and if nobody is looking, you can cross your hands behind your head and tense the inner muscles of your upper arms for as long as possible.

Even if the movement sequences seem rather minor in the initial phase, you will soon find out that something is happening. You will notice that your limbs will become firmer, that you will feel less tired and exhausted overall. Your performance will be increased - both with a view to your mental as well as your physical spectrum. The more you can do over time, the faster you will reach your next goal. It is only important that you have patience with yourself and do not expect serious changes "overnight".