Cooks my hobby

Cooking as a hobby

People have very different interests and spend their free time in different ways. I like to cook and I would call that my hobby. The nice thing about it is that on the one hand it is something that you have to do of course so that you have something edible on the table at the end of the day, on the other hand it is so much fun that I like to do it for hours. I would like to bring you closer to my hobby.

Cooking doesn't have to be lonely

When you think about cooking, you may quickly get the feeling that this is something you mostly do on your own. But in fact I hardly ever cook alone. You can have nice evenings with friends, where everyone involved can prepare part of a menu. Later we always have a great multi-course menu, but we spent hours together in the kitchen and talked. The result is that you not only have great fun together, but also really have something great on the table. In addition, I always learn from friends and acquaintances, you can teach each other new things and also learn a lot. But I also always enjoy cooking on my own.

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Cookbooks are the basis

If you have never been familiar with cooking and are a beginner, it will probably be of no use to just try something. So that cooking can soon become your hobby, you must have at least a simple cookbook for the basics. What is especially fun later on is the fact that I can improvise over and over again. I was able to modify the recipes a bit and slowly became more and more confident in what I was doing and, above all, became more courageous. Cooking today is something that I had to learn. Especially with regard to individual foods and their preparation, you should treat yourself to a little help in a cookbook, but as soon as you have a little practice you can try out what you want. And especially new flavors and my own recipes are what I really enjoy today.

In order for you to succeed in the hobby of cooking, it is important that you are familiar with the food. You have to already know what is healthy, which things provide which nutrients and what goes well together. This also means that you shop consciously and that you attach importance to seasonal products. In every good cookbook, such details are briefly explained on the first pages. It is also important for the basics that you are aware of the utensils you need in the kitchen. Because cooking is actually only really fun when you have everything you need.

Cooking is pure relaxation

For me, cooking is not just a hobby, but primarily a great relaxation. In hardly any other situation am I as relaxed as I am when preparing food. I find it really cozy and pleasant especially when I really celebrate cooking. I usually put in my favorite CD and when I'm preparing a larger menu for the evening, I like to have a glass of wine with it. The smell of the food, healthy food and the anticipation of a nice evening create a positive attitude towards life in me, which I would not want to miss today. Most of the time, the food itself is no longer the highlight (for the guests, of course), but actually its production. The food tastes particularly good if you have stood in the kitchen for hours and put in a lot of effort.

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Cooking is a hobby for me, which I found exhausting and unmanageable a few years ago. I always thought I could never get a perfect result. Over the years I've learned a lot and now I don't want to do without preparing food myself. Today I cook almost every evening and that doesn't always mean that I spend an hour in the kitchen. Because cooking can also go very quickly and you can achieve a delicious result even after 20 minutes. Not everyone has so much time that they pursue their hobby for hours a day. Instead, you can also try simple and simple recipes that you can quickly prepare during the week and after work. Only when you have conjured up a great dish within a few minutes for the first time will you really appreciate home-made food. Often it doesn't take longer than putting a frozen pizza in the oven and of course it tastes much better. The preparation is also - even if it takes a few minutes - a good way to switch off something and take some time for yourself and soon cooking will really become a hobby. You may have to learn that too, because it seems strange at first and otherwise you tend to think you don't have the time for it. In fact, I always find half an hour a day to prepare a fresh and healthy meal. And today I don't want to miss my hobby of cooking anymore.

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