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Double chance

Explanation & strategy for the safety tip

Everyone who likes sports betting is looking for the safe tip. The double chance is the literal safety tip, because it increases the probability of winning, especially with football bets. Why is it not available in all sports, why the double chance bet does not exist in every sport, what the disadvantages are and conclude with good alternatives to the double chance bet in sports betting.

The 5 best bookmakers for double chance

What is Double Chances in Sports Betting?

The importance of the double chance in betting doesn't really need any explanation. The name says it all. Double chance is a bet that covers two possible outcomes of the game. They exist in sports where ties are a regular occurrence. There are three different betting options for sports betting X2, 1X and 12 at Double Chance. Explanation:

  • Double chance 1X => win if home team wins or draws.
  • Double chance X2 => win if the away team wins or draws.
  • Double chance 1/2 => win if the home team wins or the away team wins.

That means: 1X covers the game outcomes victory home team and tie, X2 covers the game outcomes victory away team and tie and 1/2 covers the game outcomes victory home team and victory away team. It does not matter what the correct result is, as long as the tendency of your sports bet is correct.

You tap on 1X. Now it doesn't matter whether the result is 1: 0, 4: 0, 0: 0 or 4: 4, as long as the result covers the home team win or the draw. The same with X2. It doesn't matter how the game ends, as long as the result covers a draw or away team win.

Thus, the double chance serves to reduce the risk. If you are not entirely sure whether your team will really win because the opponent is also in pretty good shape, then Double Chance is a good idea. Or does a team just often draw but rarely lose? Even then, the double chance is perhaps the right thing for your betting slip. However, you have to live with the fact that the quota is correspondingly lower.

Note: The tip on double chance always refers to the regular playing time, i.e. to win and draw or win at home team and win away team in 90 minutes plus stoppage time. a possible extension, e.g. in the DFB-Pokal, does not count for sports betting.

Where and with which bookmakers can I bet on Double Chance?

Basically, you can say that all online betting shops that have football bets also have double chances. However, we advise you to use the best betting providers and not automatically bet with the well-known bookmakers such as tipico, after all, with the best sports betting providers you can be sure that you get top odds & winnings are paid out reliably.

The double chance bets can usually be found quite high up in the betting options for individual games under the main bets. As a rule, betting providers use the abbreviations 1X, X2 and 12 for the three betting options, some, such as betsson, also spell out the meaning.

To place double chance bets, go to the sports betting area, click on the game you want to bet on and then click on the odds for double chance. This then ends up in the betting slip and you can place the sports bet.

If you want to place double chance bets on niche leagues, i.e. also look at other countries, then we can recommend bwin - bwin has experience in the betting market and you can feel that in a comparatively large range of bets. Do you want high odds for double chance: With Bet3000 you do not run the risk that the betting odds are small, on the contrary, Bet3000 had the highest odds when the test report was created, even with the double chance.

In addition to betting odds and the betting market, one thing could be of interest to you if you are planning double chance sports betting, namely the option of making a deposit with the respective betting provider in order to bet with the stake. Even if you bet on double chance, you should make sure that the provider has common methods for depositing such as PayPal, Trustly and Co. In this regard, Interwetten and bet-at-home are good places to go.

In which sports can I play Double Chance?

You can bet on double chance if a tie is also possible. This happens especially in football, where some leagues are particularly worthwhile:

A draw is also not uncommon in ice hockey and American football. In these sports, however, a game goes into overtime or overtime in the majority of leagues and competitions. Double chance then refers to regular playing time. In soccer sports betting, this can often happen in cup competitions and tournaments.

Tip: If you also want to improve your chances of winning in tennis bets, you can do so with the handicap bet. With it, a player can be given a lead in sets, so that your bet still wins even if your player has a narrow lead.

The combination bet is most often used in soccer. Since it is one of the main types of bets, you can usually bet on Double Chances in the top leagues such as the Bundesliga or the Champions League, but also in smaller leagues.

We do not want to leave unmentioned at this point that you can bet the double chance from the betting offer in different betting forms, i.e. in single bets, a combination bet or even system bets. These system bets are only suitable to a limited extent in the case of double chance bets, because like the double chance they represent a protection - and the sports bet double protection would make little sense or reduce the potential profit.

Double chance strategy

Every now and then we are asked: Can I actually use Double Chance as a strategy? Taking advantage of double chances is in itself a security strategy. But because they drastically reduce the odds, many do not find them particularly attractive. But that doesn't have to be the case, as the following three tips show.

  • Combining several double chance bets on favorites in a combination can lead to a decent odds. Three tips on odds of 1.30 already result in a total odds of over 2.00 - a doubling!
  • For the tip on 1 2, i.e. a team wins, the over / under 2.5 odds can be a good guideline. From a statistical point of view, significantly more games end in a draw with fewer than three goals. If the odds are below 2.5, a draw is less likely.
  • On outsiders, a double chance can still be worthwhile as a single tip. As a guideline, you can roughly say that if the win rate is 3.00 or higher, the double chance of the team in question is still okay.

The advantage of the double chance in sports betting

The big advantage of the double chance is of course that you increase your chances of winning with the type of bet, which can be proven mathematically.

You want to bet on a home win for Stuttgart in the match between VfB Stuttgart and 1. FC Köln. The odds are as follows:

Stuttgart: 3.50
Draw: 3.30
1. FC Cologne: 1.95

According to the betting provider, VfB Stuttgart has a probability of winning of just a little more than 28 percent (1/3.50*100).

Now the double chance comes into play. The odds on Double Chance Stuttgart in this game are 1.75. The probability that Stuttgart wins or the game ends in a draw is determined by the betting provider 57.14 percent numbered.

The clear advantage: you have significantly increased the probability of your sports bet winning with the double chance and thus also reduced the risk of loss. The disadvantage is of course that you get a lower rate for the double chance.

Double the chance in live betting

You can usually still place bets on the double chance live. The functionality of live betting is the same as that of pre-match sports betting. However, we did not find the type of bet in the test with all betting providers. You can play the double chance with live bets, for example at Unibet or Betway.

In addition, there are also some types of live bets that you can bet instead of the double chance.

TSG Hoffenheim are 2-0 down. But you think that TSG will get at least one point. Then you could bet on the double chance of Hoffenheim, which would be risky given a 2-0 deficit. Or else, you look at the bet type “Next goal” or “Remaining time”. If you bet on remaining time at Hoffenheim, then your bet wins if Hoffenheim scores more goals from now on.

Is there a double chance sports betting bonus?

We very seldom see a betting bonus that applies specifically to Double Chance. Rather, keep an eye on a general sports betting bonus from bookmakers, which of course offers a welcome bonus for new customers.

There are bonus conditions for these new customer bonuses. If these do not explicitly state that you are not allowed to play double chance bets, then you can use the betting bonus to place your double chance bets and thus clear the bonus.

But consider: There is usually a minimum quota in the bonus conditions. Since the odds with the double chance are usually low, look for a betting bonus with a low minimum odds. We recommend the Unibet Bonus.

Not a classic sports betting bonus, but with a general free bet you can usually bet on double chance. Experience shows that Interwetten makes such free bets available at irregular intervals, especially during the Bundesliga or Champions League.

Another possibility to get a bonus for the double chance: the combo bonus of a bookmaker. This is usually also available for double chance combo bets.

FAQ - Questions & Answers aboutDouble chance

Why should I play Double Chance Bet?

You should then bet on double chance because it offers additional security. In football, draws are generally the rarer of the three possible outcomes, but they are still a common occurrence in sports betting. On average, around every fifth Bundesliga game ends in a draw, i.e. one or two per game day. With the double chance you increase the probability of a correct tip by about 20 percent.

What is the difference between draw no bet and double chance?

Draw-no-bet, German: In the event of a tie - stake back, sometimes also called head-to-head, protects you against a tie, similar to the double chance 1X or X2. You place a bet on the home or away team, but here you do not win your bet in a draw, but get your stake back. On the other hand, the odds are slightly better with draw-no-bet.

How should I bet double chance as a beginner?

For beginners, the double chance is generally a good recommendation. If you are not quite sure about a tip, then it is best to take double chance. But you shouldn't overdo it either. If the favorite is really clear, then its double chance rate is quickly below 1.20. If you then also consider that there are only a few betting providers in Germany without betting tax, there is not much left of the profit.

Can I also bet on Double Chance live?

Yes, the double chance remains available with constantly updated odds also in live betting with almost every provider of sports betting. If you are looking for a sports betting provider with the best double chance betting odds, we recommend that you bet live on the double chance at Bet3000.

Can I hedge live with Double Chance?

If you have bet on a team for double chance before the game and lead them, you could of course bet live on the other team. But pay attention to your stake, so that in this case you are sure to go out with a profit.

The same goes if you have bet live on the double chance and your team takes the lead. You cannot secure your sports bet with double chance if the game is still a draw or the other team is in the lead.

Are there no double chances of surebets?

In our experience, surebets are one of the popular betting strategies of advanced bettors. In advance, however, you will hardly find any surebets on the double chance. However, a surebet could result if you bet on the outcomes 1 or 2, i.e. home win or away win, before the game.

Then watch the game live and when a team scores, bets on a draw with less commitment. Pay close attention to the stake so that you cover all the outcomes well and in any case go out with a profit. In our experience, however, this is more something for professionals in the sports betting area.

The same goes if you have bet on double chance live and your team takes the lead. You cannot secure with double chance if the game is still a draw or the other team is in the lead.

When should I sell a Double Chance?

If your team is in the lead and gets the balance and has to play for even longer, then it is certainly not a bad moment to take advantage of the cash out. After all, balancing out often gives the successful team an additional boost.

If your tip is only one goal behind and you have to play longer, a cash out can save at least a good part of the stake. A sports betting statistic might help to find the right time: On average, in 2 out of 3 Bundesliga games, goals are scored after the 75th minute.

What is the disadvantage of the double chance?

In the end, you only have one disadvantage, namely that the odds are lower. Especially by advanced tipsters who are looking for value in their sports betting, the double chance is rarely used and instead resorted to the head to head betting type. In the next answer we will show you how you can easily compensate for the disadvantage of the low odds.

Are there tricks with Double Chances?

With the double chance you have the disadvantage that you have to compensate for the lower odds. Do that in one Combi bet. For example, take two double chance odds on outsiders together. For example, if you already combine two 1.75 Double Chance odds, you have 3.00 odds!

Can I even combine Double Chance Tips?

Yes, nothing stands in the way of most betting providers. You can combine tips on the Double Chance not only with other Double Chance tips, but also with other types of bets such as 1X2, Over / Under, BTTS or others. You can also combine double chance bets with tips from other sports.

Are double chance bets worth it?

As you have seen, you can benefit from double chance bets despite low odds. You have covered the tie with the bet type, which is an important factor in sports betting on football. In the long term, we were more successful in betting with double the chance than without the insurance. Of course, the winnings are then not that high, but you increase the likelihood that your bet will go through considerably.

Where can I tap the double chance everywhere?

The bet type is one of the main types of bets and can be found at almost all betting providers. Due to their popularity, the bookmakers usually list them right next to other popular types of bets such as 1X2, so that you don't have to look far for the double chance.

If you want to play double chance bets with the highest possible odds, we recommend stopping by Bet3000, if you are looking for the largest possible betting offer, i.e. as many football games as possible where double chance is offered, then check the offer from Unibet

Another note: You will not find the double chance bet type in horse betting. However, you can still use a protection for your tip and also win if your favorites do not cross the finish line first. In horse betting one speaks of a so-called place bet.

Double chance bet does not work - why?

Should it happen to you that the bet placed on the market double chance does not go, there can usually be two reasons. If you are out and about in the live sports betting area, it is possible that the bookmaker has at least partially blocked the market, for example if a team leads very high.

The second common case is that you are using a free bet or other promotion that has a prescribed minimum odds. Since the odds at Double Chance are often very low, you can quickly slip below such predetermined minimum odds.

Conclusion toDouble chance betting

Our experience: The double chance is a good way to gain an advantage in betting in expected close games. Often decried a little as a safety tip, it is by no means only for the fearful and beginners in the sports betting area. It's even a smart option for combination bets.

Nevertheless, the low odds are of course a little worried. But there are good alternatives to the double chance bet, where the advantage is similar, but the odds are often better: The Handicap betthat gives a team a virtual head start.

The 5 best bookmakers for double chance