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Robert Pattinson shocks with a bizarre confession

Robert Pattinson surprises with a strange confession in a new interview, which is not only related to his acting talent, but also to a puddle of mud.

Thanks to "Twilight" Robert Pattinson became an overnight star. The times as a teen crush are now several years behind him, but in the eyes of many critics he will probably remain Edward Cullen forever. With films like "The Batman" and "Tenet" Pattinson wants to change that for good in the future. He doesn't seem to be convinced of his acting talent himself. "I don't really know how to act," admits the 33-year-old in an interview with the "Observer" after he was last able to convince in "The Lighthouse". A role he did bizarre things for.

Pattinson goes to extremes

In the same interview he reveals that he tried all sorts of things before scenes for "The Lighthouse" to make his performance seem "more real". This is supposed to Robert Pattinson slapped yourself in the face before shooting started, drank from a puddle of mud or forced yourself to choke. He once did so well that he ended up accidentally vomiting on the set of the film. "I'm not exactly sure how to play like a normal person," admits Kristen Stewart's ex-boyfriend. Hopefully he won't take such extreme measures when filming on "The Batman" begins later this year.