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Questions about Six Flags Magic Mountain, Child 9 Years

Flati33 wrote:

Hello everybody. My son (9 1/2 years, 142 cm) is a huge roller coaster fan (has already ridden all roller coasters umpteen times in the EP).
Now we want on Sun. 1.11. make a visit to Six Flag Magic Mountain.
I have several questions about this:

1. I suspect that it is advisable to book a Goldflash pass on a Sunday, or is it quieter at the beginning of November?

2. Since my son is the only roller coaster fan in the family, he would ride everything alone, is that a problem? Does he have to have his passport with him to show?

3. Can I take drinks with me into the park? Or how is it going with the refills (I read something about $ 17 per person which I would find too expensive).

Thank you for your help / support.

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Since I was only in SFMM in August, here are a few tips from my point of view:
(1) I would look in the morning to see how much is going on and buy a FlashPass depending on that. If you fly at the beginning of November, the park is only open on Sat / Sun anyway. At the end of November (Thanksgiving) it will definitely be full again.

(2) As Lamoure already writes: Click yourself (preferably with your son, then he can already see the lanes, although the "real" ones may look even more threatening, of course ) times through the homepage. As far as I can remember, there were always only height restrictions and no age restrictions, if necessary an email to the park for safety. At 1.42m, it is definitely big enough for everything (54 inches, so just under 1.40 is the "highest" height restriction).

(3) Again the tip: Click your way through the homepage, everything is actually clean and bite-sized for Americans on it. Speaking of bite-sized : The FAQ also clearly states that you are not allowed to bring your own food or drinks in the park. In front of the park entrance you have to go through a "security check", the main purpose of which is to find exactly the food and drinks .

(3) In the park there is - typical for Six Flags - mainly fast food, although I was never really hungry in California in the sun - but drinking is important! I think I remember paying somewhere between 10 and 15 USD for my drinks cup including free refills, which I didn't find expensive by the way (you are in the park all day, depending on the weather it is also fine in California in November warm, you walk around in the sun, you will drink liters by the liter (or should ...)). If you want to be on the safe side: Park homepage. You can pre-purchase everything online there, including meal vouchers, and check out the prices.
The "tip" from Lamoure with your own cup does not work, of course, in any park in the world, because you always have to buy a cup with a refill option and 1. only official parking beakers are filled and 2. you usually get a wristband or must show the purchase receipt.

Yes, Six Flags (or the American parks in general) is unfortunately quickly becoming more expensive than expected, especially for families (I was there alone, and the Six Flags day including admission, FlashPass, food, ... guaranteed more than 150 USD But: it's worth it! Entertainment costs, and in the USA you pay for it (more than we do).