How does the Hulu process work

How to Watch Hulu Outside the US (The Simple, Complete Guide)

There is not a single soul on this planet who does not want access to Hulu. Prefer the US version of Hulu, right? Well, we have news for you. Because while Hulu is a fantastic online streaming service in itself, it's not available in all its glory everywhere else, and what we're really trying to get across to readers here is that if you don't know how, you can't see the real Hulu the system works ... In other words, you will never get Hulu to work for you if you don't have enough knowledge ... Forget that you can watch free movies or even paid content like some of the best TV shows in the world Anyway, all of these devices and the right credentials won't help you if you don't have a single thing: an IP address that belongs to the United States of America, meaning that you can use it for the same online streaming -Service get one type of content in one country and another type of content in another country. To reverse this problem, people in the online community have proxy servers used to circumvent these geostrategic restrictions. These types of methods have worked very well on sites like Hulu. But you see, the engineers behind Hulu are by no means ordinary. You're constantly finding ways to keep people from breaking their geostrategic constraints. To watch the US version of Hulu from outside of the US, you need to learn a few new techniques. Your starting point should be to renew your understanding of proxy servers and their Stone Age affiliation. Hulu has started taking some drastic measures against services that unblock the website's content. Proxy servers now stop working with a lot of online streaming Services. If you are using proxy servers, there is now a good chance Hulu will even block your IP address. But Hulu's new measures weren't just effective against proxy servers. Hulu has banned many IP addresses using VPN service providers. In other words, you have to be very careful which VPN service provider you choose to unblock content and watch the US version of Hulu from outside the US; and just for the sake of clarity, your device doesn't matter if you get banned You can access Hulu on your iPhone, iPad, PC, laptop, or even your Android, it doesn't matter. They will be banned if Hulu catches you using old services like proxy servers and some VPN service providers.

Best VPN Service Providers for Hulu

To watch Hulu from outside the US, you'll need to change your IP address. You can do that with the help of a VPN service. So which VPN service provider should you choose? Of course, the VPN industry isn't exactly new and there are tons of VPN service providers out there. Most of them are rip-offs. Some of them are actually reasonable. But very few of the VPN service providers are worth your money or, more importantly, your time. The situation with the VPN - Service providers are not improved by Hulu starting to ban them. Many VPN service providers who used to work with Hulu no longer work on the online streaming website. Many VPN service providers who claimed to be the best Working with Hulu is no longer in business. Why? As of March 2017, no one really knows which VPN service provider is best for monitoring Hulu from outside the US. Please note p ie that there are VPN service providers out there who can unblock Hulu in places like your office, school, or university, but some of them fail to unblock Hulu from outside the US. You already know what a VPN service provider is. If you don't know, just read this guide.

What you didn't know about a VPN service

Everyone knows that a VPN service is used to change your IP address, while this is great, a VPN service does a lot more. Protecting your private information from thieves and hackers around the world. It keeps you anonymous and thus safeguards your privacy. But people are using more and more VPN service providers to share content rather than protect their privacy. The Hulu Online- Streaming service is one of those services that people want their hands on, so a good VPN service provider would give you access to the US version of Hulu from outside the US. As mentioned, there are plenty of VPN service providers out there that do work with Hulu. Most of them allow you to watch Hulu from outside of the US anytime. Each VPN service provider has its own unique features and benefits. Some offer better and more versatile unblocking services, while other VPN service providers have better ways to providing fast VPN servers. You have to make your decision based on your own needs. It is the most complete VPN service provider of them all. He has consistently ranked number one on our website for its features and affordability, and one of the most important things about NordVPN is its high speed and fantastic unlocking features. You can sign up for NordVPN by visiting the official website by clicking here. If you have the time, you can check out our review section about NordVPN, and as we mentioned earlier, we believe NordVPN is the most suitable VPN service for 99 percent of users. But other VPN service providers can also work for you. NordVPN lets you stream Hulu from outside the US on multiple devices. Watching Hulu from outside the US on your mobile devices is going to be such an enjoyable experience that you will start thinking, "Why haven't I already signed up for NordVPN earlier, "or maybe you don't think so. What we know for sure is that NordVPN is the answer to not only unlocking the US version of Hulu from outside the US, but many other streaming websites as well (excluding Netflix) with blocked content, again, it doesn't matter which device you're watching Hulu on; NordVPN works just as well with iPhone, Android, iPad, laptop, and PC.

How to watch Hulu on iPhone and iPad from outside the US (step-by-step guide).

Launched in 2007 as a US-based streaming service, Hulu was then just a video streaming company operating in the US Today it has become a global force to be reckoned with; in other words, it has subscribers all over the world. Online users who subscribe to Hulu get a ton of advantages over other streaming services. The first advantage is that they can watch the latest and greatest TV shows from the comfort of their couch. It doesn't play any Whatever show you want to watch, chances are it will be on Hulu. This is the US version of Hulu. We can't say the same for other versions. Plus, Hulu allows users to post whatever content they want on everyone of their devices. You know the usual suspects. If you're on the iPhone or iPad then you've got a few more options. You've read this guide so far, so we can assume you're the U S version of Hulu from outside of the US on your iPhone and iPad. Let's start with this guide being a step-by-step guide. We'll walk you through the entire process of watching Hulu with simple and short steps Hulu from outside the US. In other words, if you want to watch US Hulu from outside the US then just follow the steps below in order. Not that you wouldn't already know, but if you are physically at one If you're outside of the US, then you won't be able to watch the US version of Hulu. Hulu just won't be available to you. And to watch Hulu from outside the US on an iPhone, we recommend that you sign up for a VPN first. You can do that right now by visiting this NordVPN official link. NordVPN has the added benefit of having highly optimized VPN servers that are located in the U.S. Ready?

Mandatory additional step (updated January 2019)

Okay, so there is one issue that you need to address first, Hulu has finally made the controversial decision to block all purchases made from non-US credit cards. It goes without saying that You need a US based credit card to log into Hulu now, or you can follow the additional step we'll mention below. You also need to keep in mind that you now have a valid and genuine US address on Hulu as well Basically, to get Hulu you need to buy a gift card. You can make that purchase at This is a service that sells gift cards. Remember that you will have to pay an amount greater than that on the amount specified on the gift card. If you live in a country like Australia or the United Kingdom, you can do so with your current credit card; in any case, after purchasing a gift card, you will need to go to www.hulu.comgiftFrom and enter the appropriate redemption code that is marked with When that's done it's up to you to choose your package and that's all you need to do, now to the normal order of steps.

Hulu continues to block VPN services. How can you watch Hulu from outside the US?

Hulu has been on a wild hunt lately, the online streaming company has rolled up its socks and started blocking the IP addresses of the VPN services left and right. Even some of the top VPN services have their IP addresses Needless to say, this action by Hulu is not good for the health of the VPN industry. In other words, the top VPN services will still work with the Hulu services. You can access any content on the Access US version of Hulu from outside the US if you know which VPN service works with Hulu, we mentioned which VPN service we think is the best when it comes to watching content on Hulu.

How is Hulu different from Netflix?

Well, first of all, Hulu doesn't seem to have the same global expansion plans as Netflix, nor has Hulu announced any plans to move into more countries than it already is. And since Hulu hasn't shown much interest in conquering other regions, It is very focused on delivering the best content to its subscribers in the US, which creates a lot of problems for people who want to watch Hulu from outside the US, so it makes sense why Hulu wants to ban VPN services to bypass its geographic restrictions. In other words, it has become increasingly difficult to access the US version of Hulu from outside the US. and so far it seems that Hulu's plan to prevent VPN services from releasing their content to US audiences is going very well. As also mentioned, Hulu has banned many VPN service providers and has banned hundreds of IP addresses as well closed. Needless to say, Hulu's actions created some problems for the VPN service providers themselves: users returned to the customer service department of the banned VPN service providers and understandably asked for their money back, whether by refunding or canceling the service, the VPN service providers won't be happy with how Hulu is progressing. But blame the customers ... After all, they signed up for a VPN service to watch the US version of Hulu from outside the US ... If they can't do that anymore, what's the use of them? the VPN service?

You can protect yourself from being banned by Hulu by signing up for the right VPN service.

As mentioned earlier, Hulu only works with a handful of VPN service providers in the market. Fortunately, you came across this guide, and now you don't have to look far to find a VPN service that works with Hulu because you already know which VPN service we recommend for watching Hulu outside of the US ... NordVPN. Go here to sign up for NordVPN from the official website. What you need to know if you want to watch Hulu from outside the US using a VPN service is this: Sign up for the VPN service, which has a dedicated IP address for you. We're not saying that shared IP addresses won't work for your online privacy. But they're not effective when it comes to watching sites like Hulu from outside the US. NordVPN is one of those VPN services. This way, you guarantee yourself access to Hulu from outside the US, no matter where you are. The added benefit of using NordVPN for Hulu is that it works with the iPhone too: with an iPhone and NordVPN, you have everything you need to see everything you ever want to see on the go.

How to watch US Hulu from outside the US using a SmartDNS service?

The procedure is almost exactly the same as the method of the VPN service. However, this time you need to subscribe to a service called SmartDNS service. A SmartDNS service differs from a VPN service in a number of ways: First, it doesn't offer as much security as a VPN service, but who needs extra functionality and security if you just want to watch US Hulu from outside the US? The advantages of using a SmartDNS service over a VPN service are also many. First, a SmartDNS service is much cheaper than a VPN service, it is faster because it does not have to perform strong data encryption. Third, it's also much better able to block a larger number of locations. We don't know the reason for this, but this is how the world of SmartDNS services works ... So which SmartDNS service should you sign up for ... As with the providers of VPN services, there are now many providers of SmartDNS services on You don't want to waste time looking for the best SmartDNS service that works with Hulu. Fortunately, we picked the best SmartDNS service that works with Hulu.

Best SmartDNS service for watching Hulu from outside of the US

The SmartDNS service we recommend for watching Hulu from outside the US is StrongDNS. It's one of the highest rated SmartDNS services in the world and has consistently received great reviews from almost all review sites. You can sign up for the service by going to this official StrongDNS link.

How to use StrongDNS on your device to watch Hulu from outside the US

Making sure a SmartDNS service will work with your device is a little tricky compared to using a VPN service. For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to set up StrongDNS on your device, check out this official how-to link on StrongDNS, if you're already intimidated then leave it.

How to watch US Hulu from outside the US using Kodi

Don't let the term Kodi confuse you, Kodi is just an open source platform that plays all kinds of media files, if you don't know how to set up Kodi on your PC or Mac, check out this Kodi guide. and if you want to watch Hulu with Kodi from outside the US, you will need to install Kodi on your device. To watch Hulu you will need to install Kodi add-ons on your PC. The question that might cross your mind is how to easily add Hulu to Kodi, this installation guide will help you with that. We'll show you all the steps and guides that will enable you to install the Hulu Kodi addon on the XBMC. This is especially useful if you live outside of the United States. Note, however, that if you are outside of the US and want to watch the US version of Hulu, you'll need to sign up for a VPN service. The best VPN service for this purpose is NordVPN.

How to Install the Hulu Kodi Addon (Simple Step-by-Step Guide)

The first thing you need to know is that there are two major Hulu Kodi addons out there. If you do, you can safely skip steps 1 through 8.

How to Install Hulu Movie TV Kodi Addon

Of course, we'll also assume you have Kodi installed on your device. We created a link to the guide above, but here it is again. You can also go to the official website and download and install Kodi from there.

How to Unlock Hulu Kodi Addon Using a VPN Service

If you live outside of the US you will not be able to access Hulu, and when you try to watch Hulu through Kodi or any other platform, a geolocation error message will appear on your screen that looks something like this: "We're sorry, our video library is only can be streamed within the US ". You obviously want to see Hulu from outside of the US. Well, you need to change your IP address and then log into Hulu with that new IP address (an US one). If you have a US IP address, you can You are viewing US Hulu from outside the US. To do this, you need to sign up for a VPN service. NordVPN is the one we recommend to get a US IP address from outside the US. When you sign up for NordVPN you can go to this official link here, so you will not experience any speed reduction during peak hours.

A VPN for Kodi? Do you really need it?

Using Kodi is not in and of itself illegal, but if you are using Kodi to view copyrighted content then it is considered illegal in some regions. To protect your privacy, it is always better to use Kodi with a VPN service If you don't, your internet service provider may be able to monitor your activities. They can also send you a notice of copyright infringement. Of course, they know your e-mail address and can therefore prohibit you from using their services. With others In words, your internet service provider and other spy companies can track your movements, they can know what kind of things you enjoy watching and streaming. And download. If you value your anonymity then always connect to the internet with a VPN service. A VPN service is extremely handy when you want to watch live sports, movies, documentaries, and TV shows. You can do all of this with have unofficial Kodi add-ons, but keep in mind that you'll need to use a VPN service to be safe. It is your responsibility to follow the rules and laws of your area. Always observe the rights of content producers such as artists, creators, and producers. A side note: to get all sorts of features and addons on Kodi and not get sued if you accidentally see something pirated, you need a VPN. The 5 best VPNs for Kodi can be found here.