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Top 10: The smartphones with the brightest displays in 2021

Smartphones must have a sufficiently bright display so that they are easy to read even in strong sunlight. The is measured Brightness in cd / m², so candela per square meter. The higher the value, the brighter the screen shines. In principle, it is assumed that displays with a brightness of 200 to 250 cd / m² are easy to read indoors. In order to be able to counter the dazzling sunlight outdoors, however, it needs at least twice the brightness. However, some smartphone displays are even more luminous, as our current top 10 overview of smartphones with the brightest displays in 2021 shows. The list also includes high-luminosity devices that were launched before 2021.

The best in the cell phone test:
In order to check the quality of the screens of a device, teltarif.de uses the Spyder4Elite sensor and the HCFR program in the mobile phone test procedure. We can use it to determine values ​​such as display brightness, contrast and the accuracy of color reproduction. To keep it fair, the display test is carried out in a specially darkened room with the same lighting environment.

In the following overview we present the smartphones that were able to convince in the mobile phone test by teltarif.de with their particularly bright displays. You will find our 10 winners in terms of display brightness listed in ascending order.

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