What is the kernel source for Android

Why you cannot download the drivers of the Android operating system as you can on our PCs

I know I sound a bit like a noob, but I had this question from the day I started tweaking my phone. I know that without kernel sources it is very difficult to get drivers for the phone to get custom ROM support, but my question is why can't I just download the drivers from the manufacturer's website while using them for my pc download? I can install whatever version of Android I want and when the driver is available for that version of Android I can just install it as the application it would do in my PC. What exactly the kernel sources contain.



Linux users don't care about the drivers as they are already embedded in them.

Dino Bajić

Unfortunately, if it were an application like the one on the PC, it would have billions of pirated copies out there and you'd have to go through the hassle of searching through all of them to find the official one. When there is an update for your phone, it will appear as a notification letting you know that it is available.


Not the answer I was looking for. First of all, Android is an open source solution. So why couldn't Google follow the desktop method to install the operating system on smartphones with minimum requirements? For drivers, this means I had to find the drivers for my camera I could just go to the manufacturer's website, enter the sensor model, and download the drivers for it, so no binaries are needed from the OEM side, thereby reducing the poor camera performance after installing custom ROMs like z as Cyanogenmod which basically doesn't have a very good image processing algorithm.

Dino Bajić

Android is open source, I agree, but the drivers are sent to the user as soon as they are available and custom ROMs can cause the camera to perform from bad to absolutely bad. There is a way to install drivers from the PC. You need to connect your USB cable to the PC and then to your phone, download the drivers to the PC and then transfer them to the phone and run from the phone. You can also try to find the PC Companion for this phone and install drivers for your phone on the PC.



Android doesn't work like this, many if not most of the "drivers" are proprietary closed source binaries and shared libraries, and some firmware files in kernel sources. You cannot flip drivers on Android devices like you can in Windows, because these "drivers" are tightly integrated into the Android system and are tied to numerous services and many standard libraries. Your customization options without ROM hopping or updating the API layer (if that firmware is in place) include rooting your devices, saving your inventory recovery, disassembling the image and starting building your device tree, getting the Android source code build System and the presence of a ball! Shouldn't be considered. It is what it is.

BUT maintaining the kernel source and "correcting" deficiencies has many more options. Check out the forums on xda [the good ones anyway] and you'll see what goes into the process.