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Read the statement of the representatives of foreign language research here
the relocation of English lessons to class 3 in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The "Masterplan Elementary School NRW" provides for the relocation for the school year 2021/22. Instead of class 1, English should only begin in class 3. The scientists see little point in this. There is also no convincing evidence that children learn math and German better if they start later with English. One of the other numerous arguments of the scientists is:

"... In a digital, global world, English skills are becoming more and more important and should therefore be promoted as early as possible. The European Union also explicitly demands early language learning (European Council 2019). Research also shows that, in addition to the intensive Contact with the foreign language, continuity is an important predictor of learning success. NRW is one of those federal states in which the number of bilingual kindergartens is steadily increasing. By starting in grade 3, there is a break in their learning biography for these learners. ... "

For a while, it was said that the lead in the beginning of English in class 1 was no longer verifiable in class 7 at the latest (Jaekel et al. 2017). The same scientist, Dr. Nils Jakel, meanwhile as no longer tenable (Jaekel 2018): "The results have been reversed."