How do you know that she is the one

To be in love means to have special feelings and affection for a person. All people can fall in love.

How do you know you're in love? Usually you know. Here are some signs that you are in love:

  • You think about him or her a lot.
  • You like him or her and you feel good when he or she is with you.
  • You think he or she is beautiful.
  • You get embarrassed or angry if you are told that you are in love.
  • You dream about him or her sometimes.

To be in love in the course of life ...

Even when you're still very young, you can fall in love, for example in kindergarten. Later, in adolescence and adulthood, the infatuation changes and sexual desire arises.

Sexual desire or pleasure is felt by adolescents and adults when they are physically attracted to another person, regardless of whether they are in love or not.

A sexual relationship can arise from this lust, but one can also feel attracted to someone without having a sexual relationship with that person. Such a relationship is something intimate that you need to be physically and mentally ready for and respect yourself and the other person.

Did you know?

Most people are attracted to the opposite sex (girls to boys and boys to girls). But you can also fall in love with or be attracted to someone of the same sex. So a boy can love another boy and a girl can love another girl. That's called homosexuality.

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