Why do most married men visit prostitutes

An open letter from a prostitute to all the wives of her suitors

Dear wife,

I don't know you, but I think it's far from unlikely that your husband will cheat on you with a prostitute. I say this because I am one myself and I just can't complain about a lack of customers.

But not your godly husband, you mean, he definitely not! You can certainly trust other men to do everything, but your relationship - including your sex life - is something very special. For example, ten years ago you had a threesome with a fellow student. And every August you get a babysitter and go on a wild party / sex trip together. You both also have a soft spot for the same TV series. In short: you have an absolutely happy marriage!

Now let me ask you this: When was the last time you had sex three times a week? When was the last time he complained about it? Don't you think it possible that he took the problem into his own hands, which in turn means that it is now in my hands?

The good news for you is that your husband is coming to me - so he continues to believe in your marriage. He is looking for a few extra caresses, but at the same time wants to risk as little as possible. Imagine if it were the babysitter, the neighbor or someone from your circle of friends instead. The list goes on, but I think you understand what I'm getting at.

I am a professional and very discreet. And I can make a good distinction between my job and my private life. In other words, my time and attention are limited in time and the sex is billed as hell. So don't worry: after our lap, it's all yours again. More importantly, I don't love your husband - and I never will. It is extremely unlikely that I feel more for him than for my favorite waiter in the bar around the corner.

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I pose no threat to your marriage because once he's out of my place I don't want to have anything to do with either of you. So I'm not going to go out with him and call you in the middle of the night or raise the subject of divorce. You'll never find out about my existence either - and if you do, your husband is either stupid or mad at you.

Yes, there are customers who get lost in something and develop feelings in the end, but basically they too know that what we have is not real. You don't think your plumber likes toilets either, do you?

The men have already understood that my affection depends on their money. He will not have the separation talk with you and the children and then immediately jet to me to whisper my false name in my ear in love. I am not part of your life. I am just an employee. As much as he becomes sexually fixated on me, in most cases he will not develop deep feelings for me.

And if it should get "complicated", there is still a great safety net for your marriage: I cost a lot of money.

In my experience, men only spend what they can afford on sex. If your spouse needs it every two weeks — and can secretly pluck a lot of money from your accounts every month — he'll also use the services of people like me. And when the meetings are no longer enough for him, he quickly realizes that he cannot conjure up any extra money out of nowhere. In order for it to come to the point where he ends up saying "Honey, I have to confess something to you", it takes a hell of a lot of ruthlessness (and money).

No matter what he thinks he is feeling for me, in two weeks he'll have forgotten about it. And if he should liquidate his investments for me, I hope with all my heart that you will take him off to the last shirt when you divorce. Because he can't seem to handle money anyway.

And what about venereal diseases, do you want to know? Contrary to what you can see in relevant films, we prostitutes of today certainly have fewer illnesses and place more value on safe sex than your husband's hot secretary. Do you remember that I feel absolutely nothing for your husband? So I don't feel like his genital warts either. Also, I have limited interest in getting pregnant from one of my clients. Understandable, right?

Most likely, you still don't want your husband to sleep with me in the future. So I ask again: When was the last time you had sex three times a week?

I'm not saying it's your job to make him happy. Maybe you just don't want to sleep with him that much. You may also have a lot on your mind and are quite stressed. Or he just doesn't turn you on anymore. I can understand well. Namely not me either.

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