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Aquaman review

Rating: 4.5 / 5

As announced, I went to see Aquaman in the cinema yesterday. The trailers convinced me, but the many negative press reviews made me a little skeptical. But since I always disagree with most of the critics when it comes to film adaptations, I went to the cinema with a completely open mind. In the following I report about my cinema experience.

As always, there are minimal spoilers included.

The story begins with the meeting between Arthur's father Tom Curry, a lighthouse keeper, and his mother Atlanna, the Queen of Atlantis. The birth of Arthur follows, followed by the arrival of Atlanteans to bring Atlanna back to Atlantis against her will ...

I really like the narrative structure in Aquaman. The film takes a lot of time to bring Aquaman closer to the viewer, often also in flashbacks, which integrates well into the narrative. The flashbacks always come at the right moments and never seem thrown in or out of place. After the bumpy and brief introduction to Justice League, a great contrast. Well done James Wan. The other characters are also introduced gradually, always in well-dosed doses and at a good narrative pace. The first half of the movie, for example, is used to build the plot and introduce the characters, which feels really good. In the second half of the film, the Aquaman then picks up speed to give the film a little momentum. But here, too, the film takes enough time without seeming tedious to me. The almost 140 minutes passed by in a flash.

A few words about the horror elements announced by James Wan: There are actually a few more creepy moments later in the film, not many, but I like these very much.

Since the focus of the film, like most comic adaptations, is on shallow entertainment, the plot is ultimately not particularly complex and the actions of the villain King Orm, Aquaman's half-brother, are often not really logically understandable. Nonetheless, the plot seems round and quite coherent, which Aquaman really benefits. The plot is just fun from start to finish and offers a lot of variety.

The critical opinions that Aquaman is too close to the style of the Marvel films and contains too much humor have not come true in my eyes at all. To me, Aquaman feels more like a DC movie in the style of a Man of Steel, Batman v Superman or Wonder Woman than a more comedic Marvel movie. Aquaman takes himself and his actions very seriously. The fact that Arthur / Aquaman himself knocks out slogans every now and then is simply in his nature and suits both the actor and the character. As always with DC, these humorous interludes always go well with the action and yet never take the scenes and the plot seriously. The humor just always fits, without it appearing "used", just so that it is there.

I buy Jason Momoa his role as Arthur / Aquaman at any time, he just plays really convincing. Of course, the acting demands are not particularly high, but after all, Aquaman is not a realistic drama or a biopic, but a comic book adaptation. I also liked Amber Heard as Mera, also contrary to the critical opinions of the critics. Aquaman and Mera also worked well together, which I liked very much. I also liked the other supporting actors like Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus and Mera's father or Willem Dafoe as Vulko. Only Orm, played by Patrick Wilson, didn't convince me that much. He always seemed so unapproachable and apparently incapable of any real emotion. Anyway, I really liked the all-round package of services.

The representation of the sea, which was criticized by many as a cheap CGI, can only be described as absolutely great. I also always really liked the transition from the upper world to the water. At this point, real cameras seem to have been used in real water. These transitions into the sea look fantastically beautiful. I also really liked the pictures and locations on the upper world. The representation of the sea, the marine animals and the inhabitants of the different races and also of Atlantis itself is simply breathtakingly beautiful. The CGI effects in general completely convinced me across the board. The explosions or the effects of laser and plasma weapons are just awesome and often even reminded me of Terminator 2. If z. For example, if buildings are destroyed on the surface, it looks clean and really realistic, and the debris and rocks flying around do not look as out of place and poorly animated as in some other films, but fit very well into the scenes. Extremely good job from the trick technicians.

In terms of sound, Aquaman is also extremely well mixed. The music, the voices and the rest of the noises are clean and clearly mixed. The sound effects in the action sequences pushed me into the cinema seat really cool and sound technically just a real treat for the ears. The noises when the energy weapons are being fired are just awesome, of course, assuming a good sound system.

I also liked the background music in Aquaman. The pieces do not burn themselves into the memory, but always fit the action and always bring this epicness to advantage. As always, better job than any Marvel movie.

I also liked the camera work, especially in the quieter scenes. The locations like the Sahara, Venice or the sea were captured wonderfully, so that I sometimes feel reminded of films like Lord of the Rings. I also liked the “camera” under the sea, quiet “tracking shots” with plenty of time for me as a viewer to marvel at the scenes.


For me, apart from the weak villain, Aquaman does everything absolutely right. He takes the time to build up the plot and the characters, he offers a lot of great pictures for the eye and a great representation of the marine world. Actually, Momoa completely convinced me: He IS Aquaman. The interaction between Mera and Aquaman also convinced me and was fun. For me, Aquaman ranks very high in the unofficial DCEU and for me is also one of the best comic films in recent years and is an absolute ray of hope after the mediocre Justice League and the lousy Suicide Squad. I was very entertained for 140 minutes. I'm really looking forward to Aquaman 2 and hope that James Wan will take over the helm again, he seems to have a good knack for it.

9/10 - high return value

Aquaman rating