How does WhatsApp do business

Facebook equips WhatsApp stores with a new feature

Whether it's a baker, goldsmith, clothing or bicycle shop: Anyone who wants to buy or order something in the shop windows of WhatsApp can now collect the goods like in a shopping cart and send them off together at the end. So far, each article had to be requested individually.

"Carts" function

The function called carts is limited to the offers of a single provider. It is not a question of a cross-retailer shopping cart such as that offered by eBay. And: Facebook expressly points out that an order only becomes binding after confirmation by the seller. "Carts" function in WhatsApp
Image: Facebook In principle, the shop window should make the tedious exchange of several messages and photos in order to obtain information about products or services superfluous.

In order to create a catalog of goods or services that they can present in WhatsApp, providers need the WhatsApp Business App. Facebook is particularly appealing to small retailers.

Online companies like Facebook were only loosely regulated in the USA for a long time. That has changed. Now the government and almost all states are taking legal action against Facebook. The accusation: the company created an illegal monopoly. You can read more about this in another news item.