Should I use MongoDB for cloud computing?

Database: MongoDB expands cloud offering to include multi-cloud clusters

MongoDB Inc, the company behind the NoSQL database of the same name, has announced the general availability of multi-cloud clusters in MongoDB Atlas. It is a "Database as a Service" offer that complements the company's existing cloud offerings.

Use multiple clouds with a cluster

With the innovation, Atlas users can distribute their data in a single cluster across several public cloud environments (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud) at the same time and thus use the respective advantages of the individual cloud providers (best-of-breed service). It should also be possible to move workloads between different cloud environments.

With the multi-cloud clusters on MongoDB Atlas, users get the opportunity to use multiple cloud providers without the additional operational complexity of managing data replication, migration or export across the cloud environments.

MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB sees the Atlas service as the most widely used DBaaS service, used in 79 regions and by over 18,800 customers worldwide. Atlas resides in the three major public clouds, and according to MongoDB, the platform behaves the same no matter where it is hosted.

Further information on the new multi-cloud cluster in MongoDB Atlas can be found in the announcement post on the company's blog.


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