Justin Bieber's voice moves you

Justin Bieber saves man from bear attack

Last second rescue. Because in Russia in the Yakutia Republic a man was attacked by a bear and only the voice of Justin Bieber could save him from worse injuries. But was JB not yet in Ibiza and battling Orlando Bloom? How could he come to Russia so suddenly?

Justin Bieber is known for his beating, but even they can't stop a bear from attacking a man. What seems to help, however, is his voice. Talk is silver - silence is gold. The bear probably thought that too. Because he, too, preferred the rest and withdrew after JB heard 'Baby'. But what actually happened?

Justin Bieber ringtone saves lives!

Justin Bieber was of course not the savior of the man from Russia himself, but his ringtone. Because Igor saved 'Baby' from Jus as a ringtone and when he was attacked by a bear in the Yakutia Republic and his phone started ringing, the bear fled. It is now unknown whether the animal found JB's voice so terrible that he abandoned the man or whether there were other reasons. But why does a seasoned adult even have the Biebs as a ringtone? Igor has a simple answer to this: "I know this is not exactly the ringtone everyone likes, but my granddaughter put it on my cell phone for fun." So a little prank turned into a lifesaver - well done!