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Truck Safety Check - What is an SP?

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OffenseFine (in €)Points
Trucks or buses or their trailers were put into operation even though they were in a condition that significantly impaired road safety1801
As the owner of a truck or bus, the vehicle was not presented for a safety check and the deadline for the presentation was not met
... up to 2 months15
... from 2 to 4 months25
... from 4 to 8 months601
... over 8 months751

Which vehicle has to pass a safety test?

Every car owner knows them General inspection (HU)that his vehicle must pass in order to be able to drive properly in road traffic. This test also applies to trucks and other commercial vehicles.

In addition to the general inspection, a truck driver with his vehicle must also have one Security check (SP) take his car to the Traffic safety to ensure his truck.

FAQ: Truck safety check

For whom is a security check compulsory?

According to Annex VIII to the StVZO, buses with more than 8 seats, trucks from 7.5 t and trailers with a total weight of over 10 t must regularly undergo safety checks.

What are the deadlines for the security check?

Different deadlines apply to different vehicles. After the initial inspection, trucks then have to go to the next inspection six months after each general inspection. In the case of the bus, a period of three months applies after the third test.

Who needs to take a security exam?

In the Annex VIII The Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) state which vehicles have to pass the safety test. These include:

  • Buses with more than 8 passenger seats
  • Truck with a permissible total weight 7.5 t, Motor vehicles for the transport of goods, self-propelled machines, forklifts and tractors
  • pendantwith a permissible total mass over 10 t
To Annex VIII of the StVZO In addition, certain regulations apply to the first and all subsequent exams. A Trucks from 7.5 t must, for example, take a safety test for the first time 42 months after the initial registration.

Deadlines for the SP exam

How often a vehicle has to have a vehicle safety check depends on the vehicle itself. Mostly this is at intervals of 6 months the case. The safety check on the bus follows different rules: The first safety check must take place six months after the First registration take place, the second test as well.

There may only be an interval of three months from the third exam. At Trucks from 7.5 t For example, it is regulated in such a way that after the initial inspection, every additional SP - i.e. safety inspection - takes place six months after the last main inspection. In this way, a continuous check of the roadworthiness of the vehicle can be guaranteed.

The security check: expiry of an SP

During a truck safety inspection, the inspector concentrates on various areas that are particularly important wear are exposed.

In addition to the Brakes or the braking system also the Steering device and the landing gearor frame, the tires and bikes as well as the Closing forces of the doors.

All four areas can provoke disastrous accidents if they don't function properly. That is why a safety check in addition to a general general inspection is very useful.

To do this, the examiner introduces test protocol. If not all the areas checked during the truck safety check are in perfect condition, a month after the safety check on the truck is followed by a check and the vehicle initially does not receive a test stamp.

When you have corrected any deficiencies on the test report for review, you will eventually receive yours Test mark. The month for your next appointment for the truck safety check is also noted on this.

Who will check my vehicle?

Are authorized to test your vehicles recognized workshops, just like DEKRA, GTÜ or the KÜS. The SP can also be filed with the TÜV. Basically, you can with almost everyone checkpointwho does the main inspection, also have a truck safety check carried out.

Fine if the deadline for the truck safety check is exceeded

Depending on how long you have the Deadline have already overdrawn for a due security check, both a fine and points may be incurred in Flensburg. If you are only two months overdue, you must have one Fine of 15 euros numbers.

If you have exceeded the due date for the truck safety check four to eight months, a awaits you Fine of60 euro and a point in Flensburg.

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