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An equivalent Abitur has been required in Germany for some time. The “Common Core State Standards Initiative” is currently being implemented in the USA. She, too, would like to enable students to obtain a comparable degree.

What is the “Common Core Standards Initiative”?

One of the reasons behind the initiative is President Obama's promise to close the social gaps and enable a fair education (“No Child Left Behind”). Education ministers and governors from 48 US states developed a common common core, a set of educational standards. From kindergarten to graduation, these are designed to prepare adolescents for studies and careers. The subjects English and mathematics are specifically regulated therein. So far, 43 US states have implemented these “Common Core Standards” voluntarily - not always without consequences, as the software breakdown in LA showed.

What were the standards developed for?

The standards are based on academic entry requirements in English and mathematics. They set learning goals for each school year, but are not a fixed curriculum. In this way, the USA is trying to re-establish the international connection in the education of its pupils - above all in mathematics. The school children should learn how to deal with problems competently. In addition, they should benefit from a uniform educational offer.

Free access for teachers

Conversation: A Three-Minute Video on Common Core State Standards from CGCS Video Maker on Vimeo.

Common core math examples

Especially for the innovations in mathematics, there are websites that interactively present calculation examples. For example www.ixl.com. Here you can find out if you understand the path behind the mathematical phenomenon.

The Foundation for excellence in education presents a direct comparison of previous and realigned mathematical questions:

Direct comparison of old and new math questions - Source: Foundation for an excellence education

This does not ask about the solution to y, but rather abstract considerations. Mathematical formulas learned by heart in some cases should be supplemented by informal learning.

A parenting cheat sheet circulating on the Internet is intended to help parents find their way through the new jungle of terminology.

Parents' Cheat Sheet on New Approaches - Source: National Review

Critical voices

A number of prominent Americans, such as comedians Louis CK and Stephen Colbert, are critical of the "Common Core State Standards Initiative". The Washington Post published an article on four common core frauds. The most frequent criticism is that the calculation methods are perceived as unnecessarily complicated.
There are also more balanced voices that both sides understand. The well-known television scientist Bill Nye shows the advantages and disadvantages of the "Common Core Standards". The YouTube video from the online publisher Vox explains “Common Core” math in an entertaining way.

Common Core and the educational standards of the Standing Conference (KMK)

In Germany in particular, the current debate in the USA is easy to understand. The educational standards and competence models introduced by the KMK between 2003 and 2012 are aimed equally at enabling learners to obtain an equivalent qualification. There was also an extensive public debate here.

A centrally regulated educational initiative that focuses on schoolchildren and brings them to a high quality level in the long term is worth supporting. This means that the same opportunities can be offered - regardless of social origin. An important factor that is still neglected in Germany is the inclusion of digital media and the correct use of them. In this regard, there are already concrete efforts in the USA through the Future Ready Pledge.

More articles on the topic:

What do you think of the “Common Core State Standards”?

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