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Question 23: Should failed examinations (failed attempts) be taken into account?

answer: Universities and courses of study must decide whether failed attempts should be taken into account in accordance with the respective framework conditions (e.g. number of possible examination attempts, etc.). However, this is not a decision about one in the sense of. As the Cologne Administrative Court found in its judgment of May 26, 2011 (6 K 7491/09), “the wording with the terms 'services' and 'to be credited' means that only positive performance can be credited, because performance is according to a general understanding of language, initially positive performance ”(Rn. 42). In addition, “the generous yardstick [applied] in the case of positive study achievements from elsewhere should not be applied in the same way in the case of negative ones. Rather, because of the burdensome effect of a match, examination performance and content of close to 100% must be demanded ”(Rn. 56). The Administrative Court of Gelsenkirchen also stated in its decision of July 27, 2011 (4 L 501/11) that the “possibility of transferring performance deficits from another degree to the desired degree [...] with a view to Art. 12 GG an express legal basis ”(Rn. 83).