Why is my MacBooks fan always on

The Mac's fan spins continuously

After turning on the Mac, the Fan very loud and stay with it for a long time high speed and volume.

Solution approach.

First of all, you should try to place the Mac as free as possible in the room and not in dusty corners or cupboards (this generally applies to all Macs and PCs, as otherwise they can get dusty and hot inside very quickly). If this still does not improve the situation, you should first put the Mac to sleep and then wake it up again shortly afterwards ( -> Sleep). If the problem is not solved, you should try to restart the device afterwards ( -> restart). In the case of a MacBook, the next step is to switch off the Mac, disconnect it from the MagSafe connection and, if possible, remove the battery, then simply restart the Mac.

If the problem still persists, it only helps to reset the so-called "SMC".

For MacBooks with a removable battery, it works like this:
1. The Mac will turn off.
2. The MagSafe cable is disconnected and the battery is removed.
3. The on / off button is pressed for 5 seconds and then released.
4. The battery is inserted and, if necessary, the MagSafe cable connected.
5. The MacBook will shut down again.

For MacBooks without a removable battery, it works like this:
1. The Mac will turn off.
2. The MacBook is connected to the socket with the MagSafe cable.
3. On the left-hand side of the integrated keyboard, the key combination Shift-Ctrl-Option and the On / Off key is pressed simultaneously and all keys are released again at the same time.
4. The MacBook will turn on again.

With the Mac Pro, iMacs with Intel processors and Mac minis with Intel processors, it works like this:
1. The Mac will turn off.
2. The power supply unit is disconnected from the Mac and reconnected after 15 seconds.
3. After a waiting time of 5 seconds, the Mac will be switched on again.

Hopefully this will solve the problem, otherwise only going to the nearest Apple store or retailer will help. You can also have your Mac cleaned from the inside, because dust in the fan is often the problem. To do this, you or the expert have to open the Mac and simply clean it.

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