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13 reasons why camping trips are a special way of life

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During the day you always discover new things, in the evening you come back to your familiar temporary home - and that is just one of the reasons why a holiday in a van, tent or caravan is incredibly relaxing!

Camping divides minds - some are so hooked after their maiden trip that they never want to go on another vacation, others exclude from the start that they even want to try it out.

For a few years now, however, it has become apparent that the pro-camping camp is getting bigger and bigger: vacation with the mobile home is booming, for around eleven million Germans the camping vacation is even the favorite form of vacation - and the corona pandemic has demand for it rolling homes reinforced again.


Whether it's a Bulli or a tent, a classic mobile home or caravan: A camping holiday like this is a relaxing adventure that you will tell friends and family about for a long time. Why? Therefore:

1. Your vacation - your route

Be your own boss - anytime, anywhere! Regardless of whether you plan your route in advance, or whether you just drive off and see where you end up and where you spend the night: it's in your own hands!

Especially in times of pandemics, this offers another unbeatable advantage: You can go on vacation where you feel safe. You can avoid risk areas, if it gets too crowded somewhere, you just keep driving. If you choose the flexible and spontaneous type of travel, you can always see which dream place you want to stay longer and when it is time to pack the chairs again and move on.

TIP: If you want to spend the night on campsites and parking spaces, it is best to find out beforehand how busy they are in your holiday region during your travel time. There are many groups on Facebook in which campers get together to exchange experiences.


2. Fresh air and pure nature

Regardless of whether you want to discover coasts or forests: Your camping vehicle will take you to the most remote places! If you like, you can go to a different spot every day to discover it by mountain bike, on foot or by rubber dinghy.

What if you just want to be lazy? No problem - then you look for a good place and relax in the camping chair in the middle of nature. But be careful, so much fresh air makes you tired!

TIP: In some countries it is allowed to camp outside of official sites. Wild camping is generally prohibited in Germany, but there are some exceptions and loopholes. You can find an overview of the regulations here.


3. The landscape changes - your home stays

Speaking of tired - one of the advantages of camping that should not be underestimated is that you can always see different surroundings, but at the same time have your familiar home with you. Even if you end up at a spot that you don't like, you know exactly that you can retreat to your clean bed at the end of the day.

The next day - you know, your vacation, your route - you just leave the handle in the toilet behind you to look for a nicer place to continue your vacation.

TIP: You want to get away from your horror spot immediately and are looking for something new, but wild camping is out of the question? There are some useful apps that show you nearby camping and parking spaces - for example the "Promobil Stellplatzführer", "Campercontact", "Womo-Stellplatz", the "ADAC Camping- und Stellplatzführer" or "Park4Night".


4. The dirt in the "hotel" is your own dirt!

We have all probably experienced this before: We come to a hotel room or a holiday apartment and are disgusted to death. Stranger's hair in the drain or in bed - it doesn't have to be!

When camping, this can only happen to you if you rent a motorhome or a caravan. In this case, it is best to take a very close look at the handover. Otherwise the motto is: The dirt that you see in your temporary home during your vacation is your own dirt - so it's not bad!

TIP: If you are not self-sufficient with your camping equipment, but rely on showers and toilets on campsites or parking spaces, take a look at the ratings of the location you are heading to in advance. The condition of the sanitary facilities is usually also mentioned there.


5. Make the world as you like it!

Whether camping or glamping, whether tent or stylish Bulli, whether wild camping or star campsite with pool and Co .: Every camper can put together his or her own personal holiday experience the way he or she likes it.

Are you more of the pragmatic type? Then maybe a tent or an old camping bus with a gas stove and an outhouse is enough. Do you like it a little more luxurious and stylish? Then it's best to rent a very individual vehicle.

TIP: There are no limits to creativity - this applies to both the decoration and equipment of your vehicle and the design of the storage space. Nothing is more annoying than having to vacate forever in order to briefly take out the camping chairs during a break from driving. So it is best to think about what you are packing where before your trip. In many cases, some plastic boxes for shoes & Co. help to get the chaos under control.


6. Be your own weather god!

The weather is supposed to be bad the next day? Then use it to make the route and reach the next spot on your route. You are standing right on the beach and there is no cloud in sight in the sky? Then you just stay a day longer!

When camping, you are your own tour operator and can react much more flexibly to weather conditions than if you spend your entire holiday in one place. That is pure freedom!

TIP: In addition to the common weather apps, you can also use the "rain radar". With this you can see pretty well which rain clouds could approach you in the next few hours. Maybe the drops in the morning are just a little shower for which it is not worth giving up your dream place by the sea?


7. Real camping romance

After an excursion or a lazy day on the beach you cook or grill something to eat, treat yourself to a cool drink and watch what is happening around you: There is hardly anything as romantic as the camping atmosphere when the day turns slowly coming to an end!

TIP: Pay attention to what is allowed in your holiday region. Especially in the summer months it is dry in many places, which means that open fires are not permitted and charcoal grills may not be used.


8. Just stay offline

You, nature, your camping equipment and your travel buddy: Most of the time it happens automatically that you hide the "normal" world and just live in the here and now. Playing on your cell phone all day? You can do that at home too. A game evening in the camping chair is much more relaxed and gives you other thoughts.

The good thing about camping trips - especially for those who just can't put their smartphone aside: Depending on where you're going, you automatically no longer have high-speed internet.

TIP: It's best to download offline maps of your holiday region onto your smartphone. We don't want you to get lost and not find your way back to civilization!


9. You don't get lethargic

Let's be honest: For someone who just wants to sit in one place for two weeks and don't want to do anything, a camping trip is nothing. Camping always involves a bit of work: pitching a tent or extending the awning, taking out chairs, setting up a table, securing dishes before continuing, fetching water or filling up the water tank, improvising cooking and washing up - there is always something to do!

But this also has two very big advantages: firstly, at the end of your vacation, you don't ask yourself what you've been up to - and secondly, this survival feeling is wonderfully relaxing!

TIP: Do not undertake too much on your route - simply staying in one place for two days instead of packing everything and driving on every day is also very relaxing!


10. The head is out

This miraculous kind of relaxation is likely due to the fact that your head is automatically focused on your basic needs while camping.

Hunger, pee, thirst - you always have to find your way around new surroundings and react to other situations. On this survival trip, you automatically forget the everyday problems that plague you at home!

TIP: If you are new to camping, play through the most important situations in your head beforehand: Where do I take a shower? What is eaten, how is it cooked? How do we get the dishes clean again? In this way you avoid forgetting something elementary in preparation.


11. You get to know very different people

Very different types of people are out and about on campsites and in camping strongholds: young and old, families and singles, chatty and withdrawn campers.

Sometimes you are lucky to end up in an environment with very nice campers, with whom a chat is fun at a distance. Sometimes, however, you end up next to grumpy neighbors who are skeptical about every step. Either way: All these encounters and acquaintances make your trip unique.

TIP: Experienced campers often complain that new campers don't say hello. That is actually one of the things that many campers do: If you approach each other on the street with your vehicle, you greet with a show of hands. Even a friendly "Moin" in passing can not hurt and contributes to the good mood among the neighbors for a while.


12. The vacation remains affordable

... at least if you want it that way and are not looking for luxury camping! Depending on where you are going, you can stand freely, stand on cheap pitches or head for the campsite with the luxury pool. You can cook for yourself or buy fancy ready-made meals every day. The choice is yours!

TIP: A good campsite doesn't have to be expensive. As with hotels, many operators pay a good price for a location directly by the sea - but there are some cheap pearls where the sanitary facilities are perhaps a bit more rustic, but otherwise offer everything you need for the perfect camping experience !


13. Coming home is also a relief

And that is also part of it: As nice as a camping trip is, afterwards you will be happy to return home safe and well rested. Your own bed, a real bathroom, your own washing machine, lots of space and storage space - we will appreciate all of that much more afterwards.

TIP: So that you can remember your adventure again and again after your vacation and show your friends your adventure, you can immortalize your travel route with the help of apps such as "PolarSteps" or "TripLine". With "PolarSteps" you can also insert photos of the individual stops and thus keep a kind of travel diary. You have to decide for yourself whether you want to grant the corresponding app access to your location.


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