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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ about eBooks

So that you can read your eBooks as easily and conveniently as possible, we have put together our FAQ, frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers.

General questions


What is an eBook?

An e-book is an electronic book in the form of a software file that is stored on digital devices such as computers. B. computers, tablets or smartphones can be read. In terms of scope and layout, eBooks usually correspond to the printed editions. In some cases, however, additional content is also included, such as audio or video elements.

What are the advantages of an eBook?

eBooks are available immediately - it only takes a few moments from ordering to downloading. A particular advantage is the searchability of the eBook. Within a few seconds you will find a term you are looking for in the entire document. And last but not least, you can carry your entire library with you on a mobile device and have your eBooks available at all times.

How does the eBook price compare to the price of the printed book?

The price of eBooks is actually never higher than the price of the cheapest print edition. Sometimes the eBook and the cheapest print edition have the same price, but very often the eBook is 10 to 20 percent cheaper. The price difference is not greater because the cost of producing an eBook is not significantly less than that of producing a print book. Only the pure printing costs are eliminated.

EPUB or PDF - which file format is better?

Both formats have their advantages and disadvantages:
EPUB is very suitable for displaying continuous text and especially for displaying it on small devices (smartphones, eBook readers, etc.). EPUB is therefore an ideal format for fiction or non-fiction books without many graphics or tables.

PDF, on the other hand, is better suited for specialist literature in which many graphics, tables or formulas are integrated. Reading PDFs is only recommended on devices with a larger display such as computers or tablets.

What does DRM mean? And what is copy protection?

DRM or Adobe DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. The DRM enables publishers to personalize the eBooks to secure their copyrighted content and to prevent unlawful distribution through pirated copies. Another common name for Adobe DRM is.

If you have called up an article in our eBook shop, you can always view information on the respective copy protection (DRM) under the system requirements.

Read more information about the so-called hard copy protection (Adobe DRM) of an eBook.

What is a watermark (WZ-DRM) or a soft copy protection?

eBooks marked WZ-DRM contain a so-called soft copy protection. eBooks are personalized for you after purchase, i.e. information about the purchase of the eBook is entered in visible and invisible places (as watermarks). If the eBook is improperly passed on to third parties, it can be traced back to the source.

Can I also print out eBooks?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a general answer here. You can always print out eBooks without DRM or with WZ-DRM. In the case of eBooks with Adobe DRM, however, it is determined very differently by the publishers: Sometimes the entire eBook can be printed, sometimes only individual pages and sometimes nothing at all. If you would like to know whether you can print out a specific eBook, please contact our customer service ([email protected]). Rights to print out or to extract text passages can also be controlled by DRM.

Questions about hardware and system requirements


What can I read eBooks with?

All eBooks that you buy on lehmanns.de can be opened with the Adobe Digital Editions software, which is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.
Learn how to install and use Adobe Digital Editions.

The compatibility of eBooks with all other devices depends on the file format and copy protection:
  1. PDF with watermark or without copy protection:
    You can open this eBook with almost all devices. All you need is a PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader.
  2. PDF with copy protection (Adobe DRM)
  3. EPUB with watermark or without copy protection
  4. EPUB with copy protection (Adobe DRM)

Why can't I read eBooks in PDF format with Adobe Reader (Acrobat)?

Because of the strict copy protection (Adobe DRM), such eBooks cannot be read with Adobe Reader (Acrobat), even if they are in PDF format. The Adobe Reader (Acrobat) cannot manage the license rights.

How do I transfer my eBooks to my Android devices?

Visit our Transfer eBooks from Computer to Android Device page to learn how to move your eBook files between iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

How do I transfer my eBooks to my Apple devices?

Visit our Transfer eBooks from Computer to Apple Devices page to learn how to move your eBook files between iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Can I read my eBooks on different devices at the same time?

Yes. You can transfer your purchased eBooks to various devices. For eBooks without copy protection or with a watermark, you can simply drag a copy onto the desired device. For eBooks with hard copy protection (Adobe DRM), all you have to do is make sure that software or app for Adobe DRM management is installed on all devices. You must all register the devices with the same Adobe ID. The Adobe DRM lets you record a total of six different devices with your eBook.

Do I always have to be online to read my eBook?

No. Once you have downloaded your eBook and opened it successfully, you can also access your eBook offline in the future. The eBook was saved locally on your device.

Questions about buying


Buy eBooks from abroad

Unfortunately, since the beginning of 2015, we have only been able to sell eBooks within Germany and Switzerland for tax reasons. We cannot process eBook orders from other countries.

Buying eBooks from abroad

For tax law reasons we can sell eBooks just within Germany and Switzerland as of 2015. Regrettably we cannot fulfill eBook orders from other countries.

Are there any differences between buying an eBook and buying a printed book?

With the printed book, you acquire ownership of the item. You can read it, rent it, and sell it. It looks a little different with the eBook: Here you acquire a personal license to use the eBook. You get the eBook as a file for free.

You cannot lend or sell the purchased eBook, because the publisher's user license only allows you to use it personally and is not transferable to others.

How can I search for eBooks?

On our page Buying eBooks at Lehmanns you will find descriptive help for searching for eBooks.

How can I pay for my eBook order?

In the shopping cart (step 3) you can choose from these payment options:
  • Credit card (MasterCard or Visa)
  • Giropay
Under certain conditions (not for new customers) there are also the payment options bank direct debit, purchase on account or payment with the PremiumCard.

Can I also redeem an online voucher when I order an eBook?

Yes. You can enter the voucher code in the shopping cart (step 3). The code consists of 12 or 14 letters or numbers. You then have to choose a payment option (ideally credit card). Then you can click on the Next button. You will then not be asked for your credit card details, but the voucher will be charged. Unless the voucher amount is lower than the price for the eBook. In this case, the selected payment method is used.
If you have more than one voucher, please contact our customer service ([email protected]) before purchasing.

When will a purchased eBook be available to me?

Your eBook will be generated for you immediately after the payment process has been completed and is therefore immediately available for download. Should it ever happen that the download does not work due to technical difficulties. In this case, please contact our customer service.

Do I also get an invoice for the tax office for my eBook order?

Yes. We will automatically send you an invoice that the tax office accepts as a PDF by email. If you need a paper invoice, please contact [email protected] We will then be happy to send you a printed invoice by post.

When will I receive my eBook invoice?

You will receive the invoice for your eBook order within 24 hours of purchase. The invoice will be sent to you by email in PDF format.
You can later check your invoices in your customer account under
My account> Your orders so far> Retrieve and print out invoices again if necessary.

Where can I see my previous eBook orders?

You can see all of your orders in the My Account area (top / right). If you follow the link eBook orders there, you will receive a list of your previous eBook purchases.

Can I also give away an eBook?
Can I buy an eBook for someone else too?

The usage rights to eBooks are non-transferable and you cannot give away an eBook / buy it for someone else. Alternatively, you can of course give away an eBook voucher for which the recipient can purchase eBooks himself.

Can I exchange or return an eBook that I have bought?

Of course, we will refund the purchase price in cases where a defective eBook has been delivered or the eBook has any other defect. Should such a case arise for you, please contact our customer service.

You can find the provisions for the revocation of eBooks in our terms and conditions. Please note, however, that when you buy an eBook, you agree that the right of withdrawal expires with the start of the download.

Can you download an eBook for me in one of your branches or burn it on CD?

Unfortunately, this is not possible for several reasons. One of the main reasons is copy protection (Adobe DRM). You must always download your eBook with software (e.g. Adobe Digital Editions) that is registered with your personal Adobe ID.
Other reasons are the sometimes different terms and conditions and system requirements for eBooks, to which the buyer must personally consent.

Questions about the download


What do I have to consider before downloading the eBook?

We urgently recommend that you install the Adobe Digital Editions software on your PC before you download the eBook for the first time. This is especially true for eBooks with hard copy protection. If you buy eBooks with watermarks or without copy protection, you will need either a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader or a program that processes EPUB formats to read them. Such programs for the PC are e.g. Adobe Digital Editions (also processes the hard copy protection Adobe DRM) or Caliber.

We advise against using the OverDrive Media Console. Experience has shown that problems with Adobe DRM often occur here.

What is an Adobe ID? Why do I need an Adobe ID?

The Adobe ID is a user account with which you can use various Adobe services. The ID consists of a user name (namely your email address) and a password. You absolutely need this if you want to read eBooks with hard copy protection (Adobe DRM). Without the ID, the eBook cannot otherwise be personalized for you and is then tied to only ONE device. This means that if you download your eBook to your hardware without an Adobe ID, the eBook will only be personalized on this hardware and can only be read there. That would be a real limitation for you.
Learn how to re-create an Adobe ID.

What is a urllink.acsm file?

The ending ACSM stands for Adobe Content Server Message. This file type is a kind of link to the actual eBook and is used for eBooks with hard copy protection (Adobe DRM). The file contains information about the download and can only be opened on the PC with Adobe Digital Editions. The eBook will be downloaded automatically as soon as the file has been opened with the said program.

Can I also repeat the download?

Yes. You can see all of your orders in the My Account area (top / right). If you follow the link eBook orders there, you will receive a summary of your previous eBook purchases. There you will also find the download links for your eBooks. In this way, you can download every purchased eBook at least one more time.

We cannot guarantee unlimited renewed downloads for all eBooks. Regular backups of your eBook files (preferably on your PC, external hard drive or stick) are therefore highly recommended.
See also: Where can I find my eBook files?

How do I get help / support if the download doesn't work?

In the My Account area, under eBook Orders, you can submit a support request for each individual order.

If the download does not work, if you run into another problem or if you have a special request about a purchased eBook, click on the link for the eBook in question.
You can use our support form to describe your problem or concern to us in detail.
We will then contact you as quickly as possible.

Can I make backup copies of my eBook?

Of course, you can create private backup copies of your purchased eBooks on a stick or external hard drive.
See also: Where can I find my eBook files?

My eBook was shown as an additional feature.
How does this work?

In the My Account area (top / right) under the link eBook orders you will also find the download links for your eBooks. Clicking this again will take you to a page where you can choose. You can then read your book in the browser. However, this only applies to eBooks in which the feature is explicitly mentioned.

Where can I find my eBook files?

With every eBook download, the file (EPUB or PDF) is automatically saved on your system.
  • PC / MAC
    When using the Adobe Digital Editions software, the files are saved under Documents (or My Documents)> My Digital Editions. Alternatively, right-click the eBook you are looking for in the Adobe Digital Editions library and choose
  • Tablet, smartphone (Android)
    Documents> Digital Editions
  • iPhone / iPad
    The eBook file can only be accessed via iTunes. Our customer service ([email protected]) will be happy to provide you with instructions for backing up the eBook from your iPhone / iPad via iTunes on request.

eBook reader


Can I read all eBooks with my eBook reader?

eBooks that have no or only a soft copy protection (watermark) can be read easily on almost any eBook reader (see the following note on Kindle). All you have to do is copy the eBook files from your computer to your reader. eBooks with hard copy protection (Adobe DRM) are not processed by all devices. Find out in our eBook reader device list which readers can be used to read copy-protected eBooks.

Can I read eBooks from other retailers on my Kindle?

No. With the Kindle, Amazon only offers a self-contained, separate system in which you can buy copy-protected eBooks exclusively from Amazon.

How do I transfer my eBooks to my eBook reader?

The easiest way to transfer the eBook file is with the Adobe Digital Editions program. Open the program and connect the reader to the PC using a USB cable. The reader is usually recognized automatically and appears with an icon in the overview on the left. Then click on the desired eBook and drag and drop it onto the reader icon. This copies it to the reader.
When using eBooks with hard copy protection, it is also necessary to transfer the Adobe ID to the reader.
Special: Transferring eBooks to the Tolino Reader

Please note that there can be a number of special features with the large number of readers. It is best to take a look at the description of your reader.

What do I do when I get the following error message with Adobe Digital Editions?


I get the error message

This indicates that Adobe Digital Editions encountered an error in the authorization process. I.e. the information on the authorization is damaged. In this case, delete the authorization (meaning the Adobe ID) in Adobe Digital Editions using the key combination Ctrl + Shift + D (PC) or CTRL + CMD + D (MAC).

Then carry out the authorization in the menu> again with your usual Adobe ID. You may need to restart Adobe Digital Editions in between. Then restart the eBook download.


This error is caused by one or a combination of the following system settings: incorrect time, incorrect date, incorrect time zone.
When the eBook is downloaded, Adobe activation records timestamp information from the Adobe activation server. This information is stored in the eBook. When you open it, the information is compared with the current system information. If your system does not have the correct time or time zone or the correct date, the activation server will not allow the request and you will not be able to open the eBook.

Please change the setting so that the system time, date and time zone match the time, date and time zone when you purchased the eBook.


This error message occurs when ...
  1. ... the eBook was authorized by another user (or another Adobe ID). If so, press the keyboard shortcut (PC) or (Mac) in Adobe Digital Editions to deauthorize the computer. Then restart the program and perform the authorization again with your correct / old Adobe ID.
    What to do if the re-authorization does not work?
  2. ... you have anonymously authorized the eBook on your computer without an Adobe ID. In the second case, the eBook is unfortunately tied to the hardware because it was downloaded without an Adobe ID. Unfortunately we can only help in individual cases.
Since the management of the Adobe ID is the sole responsibility of Adobe, we do not have access to these user accounts. If you have any further questions, the Adobe support area will help.

… Error! Check activation

If you get this message, it indicates that your computer's authorization is corrupted. To fix the error, press the keyboard shortcut (PC) or (Mac) in Adobe Digital Editions to deauthorize the computer. Then restart the program and perform the authorization again with your Adobe ID.


A proxy could be the problem here. The firewall / virus scanner may not be able to scan the PDF because of the encryption (copy protection) and will issue it as an empty file to Adobe Digital Editions. Briefly deactivate your firewall / virus scanner and download the eBook again. Then open it in Adobe Digital Editions. If the error message is still displayed, please contact our customer service.

… Authorization cannot be deleted

If the de- and reauthorization does not work as described and you receive the message, please proceed as follows:
  • Pc
    1. Close Adobe Digital Edition
    2. Start Windows registry editor (e.g. using WINDOWS + R, enter (without), Enter)
    3. Navigate to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> Adobe and delete the key
    4. Restart ADE, Help> Authorize Computer
  • MAC
    1. Close Adobe Digital Edition
    2. To be nagged in the Finder
    3. Delete file
    4. Restart ADE, Help> Authorize Computer
    Can't find it in Mac OS X 10.7 or later?
    Help: Access hidden user library files