Which folding bike brand is the best

Which folding and folding bike manufacturers are there?

If you have decided to buy a folding bike, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the respective ones Folding bike manufacturer employ. There is a large selection here both nationally and internationally. We would like to introduce you to the largest folding bike manufacturers, so that you are perfectly informed and already know exactly from which manufacturer you are buying your next folding bike.

DAHON - folding bikes from California

The folding bike manufacturer DAHON is the leading brand in the field of folding bikes. You were the first manufacturer to develop the folding bike and published it in 1982. In doing so, they caused a revolution in the bicycle market. DAHON folding bikes are still in demand today. Thanks to constant innovations and technological developments, DAHON can convince across the board. They create high quality folding bikes with a high level of quality.

The main target group are health-conscious people who are also interested in the environment. If you also belong to this group, you should take a closer look at DAHON. You will certainly not be disappointed. The selection of folding bikes from this premium manufacturer is really very diverse. Thanks to the innovative technology, bicycles of this brand can be folded in seconds. Hardly any folding bike manufacturer can keep up. With DAHON you can be sure that you will find the right folding bike.

Thanks to the large selection, there is something for everyone. The prices for inexpensive entry-level models start at around € 500 and then rise to the high-end range. Pegasus has the exclusive sales rights for these folding bikes in Germany. Pegasus belongs to the ZEG and is officially allowed to sell DAHON folding bikes in Germany.

You can find out which folding bikes from Dahon are very popular in this guide: Dahon folding bike!

Tern - folding bikes from the Far East

Folding bikes from the Far East and high quality at the same time? This is a reality with the Asian premium manufacturer Tern. Even if the company was only founded in 2011, it can already rank among other top brands today.

From 20 to 26 inches - Term you get many different sizes. So there is something for everyone here. The price-performance ratio is also okay. The prices start at around 400 € and can quickly cost a few 1000 € for high-quality, innovative models. But these are also worth the money.

Tern has developed an exclusive folding technique in which the front wheel rotates 180 degrees backwards so that it is parallel to the rear wheel, while the handlebars remain straight. The front of the Tern folding bike is then on the retracted seat post.

In the years from 2012 to 2014, Tern always won the Taipei Design & Innovation Award. Here you can already see the quality of the folding bikes.

Brompton - folding bikes from London

Similar to DAHON, the Brompton brand is a traditional company that specializes in the folding bike market. It was founded in the late 1970s and is based in London.

Brompton has become known for making folding bicycles of a very specific type. Their folding bikes are compact, robust and all have implemented the three-stage folding process. Thanks to many different innovative techniques, they quickly became known to the general public.

The difference between a Brompton and a more traditional folding bike is that there is no joint in the middle of the bike frame, but close to the steering head, and that the drive unit consisting of the rear wheel, chain and chainring can be folded thanks to a suspension with a swing arm. This combination favors stability, comfort and pack size.

We can only recommend Brompton to you. With a folding bike from the English premium brand, you get an innovative folding bike in a class of its own. Brompton also only has one bike on offer and this one bears the same name.

It is currently the smallest folding bike on the market and is very popular with users. You even have the option to configure the folding bike according to your wishes. Whether 6-speed or 2-speed, Brompton makes it possible.

Birdy - German quality

At the beginning of the 90s, the German manufacturers also increasingly jumped on the trend of folding bikes. One of the largest is the Hessian folding bike manufacturer Riese und Müller with the Birdy.

This folding bike was developed within three years and has been sold more than 100,000 times to date. This makes it one of the most popular folding bikes ever.

Furthermore, the Birdy is constantly being developed and always equipped with the latest innovations. The folding bike manufacturer relies on different variants. The Birdy has a standard version, a medium version and a premium version.

All folding bikes are of a high quality and differ only in weight, gearshift and other equipment features.

With a Birdy you rely on good quality that is also very affordable. You will have great pleasure with it.

Bernds - The variety of folding bikes

Bernds folding bikes have it all. The Westphalian folding bike manufacturer, who, like Riese and Müller, jumped onto the folding bike market in the early 1990s, have meanwhile not only developed "the one folding bike".

No, in addition to the normal folding bike, Bernds has also brought out other innovations. There is, for example, the Bernds Tandem, the Bernds Gretel, and the Bernds cargo bike, to name just a few. Electric folding bikes are also part of the range.

All variants are based on the folding technology. Many features are always the same for the folding bike variants. All of them have 20 "tires, a spring-loaded and foldable rear swing arm and can be equipped with a belt drive developed in-house. It must be said that these folding bikes are always individually adapted to customer requirements.

So if you want to buy an innovative and unique bike with a folding function, you are in very good hands with Bernds. You have the free choice between "normal" folding bikes, tandem bikes, various compact bikes and even cargo bikes.

Strida - the designer bike

Even before the actual trend came to us in Germany at the beginning of the 90s, the designer Mark Sanders developed the Strida.

The Strida is a portable, belt-driven folding bike. There are now several versions of this folding bike. The latest version is the Strida 5.2, which has been sold since 2009.

The first bike was sold in 1987 and has been an integral part of the scene ever since.

What is particularly interesting about the construction of the Strida bikes is the A-shaped frame, which makes the folding bike look like a triangle. You have the choice between 16 "or 18" wheels. Instead of a bicycle chain, the so-called belt drive is also used here. Rim brakes have no place here either. Strida stands for quality and therefore all models are equipped with newer disc brakes, whereby the older models also have rim brakes.

Experts consider the Strida to be relatively low-maintenance. So you don't have to worry about regularly having to go to the nearest bike repair shop with your bike, you can just concentrate on the ride every day.

Folding bike manufacturer - our conclusion

Finally, we would like to give you a little conclusion on the way. We have introduced you to the various folding bike manufacturers from the medium price segment, but also from the high price segment.

There are of course other folding bikes, such as the mini folding bike from BMW.

All of the folding bike manufacturers presented here are of high quality. Which folding bike you ultimately choose depends on your needs. Each manufacturer has its own innovations and can offer different technologies that the other manufacturer cannot.

You are definitely not going wrong with these manufacturers and we can recommend any of the above manufacturers to you with a clear conscience.

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