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Google is increasingly spitting links in search results Google Books out. This is nice and partly also helpful, because really good information can be found there and Google allows you to search the books.

The disadvantage, however, is that it is very difficult to save these books in order to look up something later if necessary.

There are already many Google Books Downloader, Browser plugins and various Programs, with which individual book pages from books Google Books download it. Most of them are for Windows and it is difficult to filter out the legitimate and serious programs.

So what I want: I want a program that will give me a book Goolge Booksdownloaded and preferred as PDF saves. - And best of all for Mac OS!

Quasi a "Freeware Google Books 2 PDF Downloader for Mac OS"- yeah! :-D

The best program that meets all of these criteria is the Google Book Downloader of hac the planet. Version 2.3 for Mac OS is currently available for free download.

Simply download the program, start it, enter the Google Books book URL ..

.. Select PDF storage location and ..

.. with a click on "Save" the download of Google Books starts.

Caution Downloading several books too quickly in a short period of time can lead to a temporary ban on!

Problems that even this downloader cannot work around are page limits in some books:

Pages xxx to xxx are not shown in this preview.

These books are protected and can only be viewed with the permission of the author. Only a number of pages approved by the author can be browsed in a limited preview.

If the maximum number of preview pages allowed is reached, the remaining pages simply drop out.

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