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Aristocracy / nobility

State and form of government
Translated from the Greek, aristocracy means "rule of the noblemen". Aristocracy is used to describe a form of government and government in which a certain group of society has power, for example people who have special wealth or those who come from special families and who have so-called privileges Have special rights. When aristocratic rule is only for the self-interest of a few people or families, it is called "oligarchy".
Examples from past and present

Aristocracies existed in ancient Greece in Athens and Sparta in the middle of the first millennium BC. In Rome, too, aristocrats ruled from the 6th to the 1st century BC. Aristocratic families ruled in Japan from 800 to 1200 AD.

Aristocratic elements in modern democracy

Aristocratic rule is in contrast to monarchy and democracy. Even so, there are aristocratic elements in some democracies to this day. The best known example is the English House of Lords, which forms part of the English Parliament. There sit people who come from selected social groups such as the nobility or the church, or who have been raised to the nobility due to their achievements.

Aristocracy today
"Aristocracy" is primarily used today to refer to members of the nobility. In contrast to earlier times, they no longer have special rights in our democracy. Today, aristocrats can often be recognized by the fact that they have a title such as countess, baron or baroness and their family name includes a “von”.

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