Creativity is a strength

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You can find detailed information on the subject here creativity respectively be creative. Get one here definition, Questions about Testing this Strength and receive a examplehow to use this strength in the canditature and in job interview can use.

What is creativity

The creativity represents the ability to create ideas or objects that are useful or make life more pleasant and beautiful. It doesn't matter how and where creativity is used, but it can be very important to be creative, especially in professional life. This is especially true when it comes to asked questions Strengthen in the Working life is possible, for example with problems or conflict resolution. Of course, many people also enjoy being creative in their free time. Especially activities in the artistic area such as painting, writing, dancing, singing, doing handicrafts or sewing provide amusement, relaxation and fun for numerous people.

Childhood Creativity

It is already very beneficial for children at a young age to act creatively and to be creative. In later years, the creative streak can offer many advantages, also in professional life. In professional life, in particular, it is often about Approach problems and challenges constructively and to consider which ones solutions or Possible solutions are possible to successfully master these challenges.

Use creativity in working life

The right amount of creativity can the work life make it much easier. Regardless of whether it is about creative work, administration or leadership. Those who creatively use their strengths in working life not only work more successfully, but also more satisfied. It is certainly not always possible to find a suitable idea for a problem right away. Here it makes sense to rethink the problem or a specific task in a quiet hour and work creatively on the solution. If you like, you can also do this in writing, because this makes it easier to get an overview and the ideas flow more effectively. If there is no suitable idea at all, it can be a little inspiration is needed so that creative thoughts can flow again. After all, creativity is a source that can be used at will, but on the other hand, new information and experiences are required so that this source does not run dry.

How can I strengthen creativity?

Some people wonder how they do theirs Strengthen creativity if they are looking for a solution or want to be creative. In this case, it can be very useful to take a day off or specifically after a weekend inspiration to search. Anything that is inspiring is suitable for this purpose. While some people are in the movie theater, theatre or museum can be optimally inspired, other people prefer to go to the nature, listen to the silence or read a good book in peace. As a rule, every person has their own concept in order to be inspired and thus become creative.

Write down your thoughts

It's important, that constructive thoughts be written down as soon as possible so that they are not forgotten again. Namely, this can happen quickly in everyday life, so it's useful too take pen and paper with you on the way or save important notes in his mobile phone under Memo.

What effect does creativity have in working life?

Whoever applies creativity in a targeted manner in working life contributes to a better one working climate and to more efficient work processes at. Both colleagues and the boss or team leader are happy about this. Creativity is generally welcomed, especially if the whole topic benefits from it or the work itself.

How can I test my creativity?

Are you creative? - Here you can get yours Test creativity! Some Ask, to see how creative you are. Try to answer the questions honestly with yourself. Imagine a typical work day and discuss your circumstances.

  • Do you often have good ideas which you can incorporate into your work?
  • What do others say about you? Do you hear more often that you are creative?
  • Do you find it easy to develop solutions for upcoming problems?
  • Can you turn your ideas into reality?
  • Paint a typical picture of your work! What do you think of all that?
  • Brainstorm (approx. 5 minutes) on the subject of creativity and write down everything you can think of. Easy to find, lots of ideas?

Use being creative in your application or cover letter

In the canditature Or in the cover letter, you can use the terminology creativity (Nominalization) or creative (Adjective) use. However, you should be able to describe the strength a little or substantiate it with a short example.

Head or emotion

Generally she says Nominalization or adjectival spelling something about yourself. You show that you are more of a head person or a more emotional person. Mind people write mostly with nominalizations and more emotional people with verbs or adjectives to express that they are process-oriented. Creative people are more likely to write emotionally, process-oriented. Please also make sure that you write either with nominalizations or with verbs and adjectives, otherwise it could be written as Style break get ranked. If these differences be hit or not depends on the position at stake. You can also pay attention to how the company presents itself on the internet or in the job advertisement and adapt this style. In general, however, one more thing to say here is: “Stay true to yourself, then you will also get a suitable position that you can represent and fill out.” Your self-esteem will thank you.

The effect of the words

It plays a big role in your experience or when you read one Canditature, whether one imagines what it is like to be creative or just about the word creativity speaks. You can experience the first, but only understand the second.

The examples of creativity or being creative in the cover letter

Here you can find one example for the Creativity, which you can use in the interview or in the cover letter. However, remember that you bring your own ideas and choose your own choice of words.

  • It is easy for me to be creative because I have been able to create many new and valuable ideas for my employer.
  • One of my main strengths is the creativity that I demonstrate every day in my projects.
  • For me, problems represent new challenges that have to be solved.

You can find more application texts in the article of the same name.

Emphasize being creative in the interview

Should you during one job interview or in your application already the creativity as Strength you should use an example to clearly show which examples show your creative behavior. Use your professional history to prove what has been said. Please make sure to use the same or additional examples in the interview as in the cover letter. Learn more about job interviews.

  • Answer the question: Why do you think you are creative?
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