What is an 8-bit microprocessor

The rapid development in microelectronics, namely to combine more and more transistors, logic circuits and electronic assemblies completely on one chip, finally brought the microprocessors and microcontrollers to light. Data width, processing speed and address volume have increased steadily. In 1972 Intel introduced the first 4-bit processor. 8-bit microprocessors or 16/32 microcontrollers were the logical consequence of the successful technology. Today 64 bit processors are offered. The boundaries between a microprocessor and a microcontroller are rather fluid. Microcontrollers often combine processor and peripheral functions on one chip.
The 8-bit Z80 microcontroller from Zilog was a real success story. Many of the first 8-bit home computers (for example Schneider CPC640) and CNC as well as robot controls were equipped with the 8-bit microprocessor. Machine-level programming was possible thanks to the clear structure. The processing of every bit or byte could be traced.
Even today one is still amazed at the results that have already been achieved with this comparatively simple technique. The reason is the very efficient programming.
8-bit microcontrollers are still popular electronic components today. They are inexpensive and precisely tailored for the desired control tasks. They perform their tasks in washing machines, cars, camcorders, communication devices and countless other devices and machines. The inexpensive electronic components are traded massively by the electronics wholesalers and / or wholesalers. In the military sector and NASA, of course, special controllers and peripherals are also developed for a wide variety of applications.
DSPs and DSCs are digital signal processors or digital signal controllers. Electronic components of this type take on tasks of analog filter technology such as frequency filters, interference blanking, echo suppression and others.
Microcontrollers of various types are also used by the Elektro engineering company. Since the microcontrollers are mainly traded in the business to business area, the chips can be ordered from electronics wholesalers.